Copy Desk Cookoff: Lil Lief’s Super Sandwich


There’s nothing I enjoy more than a great tasting sandwich, and the sandwich that tops all sandwiches is the roast beef melt.

Go to your local supermarket and pick up some delicious Boar’s Head roast beef, some garlic seasoning, mozzarella cheese and a nice, big roll.

Since you’re having a sandwich, you obviously need to have some chips, so pick up some original kettle cooked Lay’s (not the 40 percent less fat ones, those are a disgrace to the entire chip population).

If you’re more of an exotic type, then get a flavored version, but the kettle cooked chips are a must. They are the chips of all chips!

When you get home, put the garlic seasoning all over the roll and then put the mozzarella cheese on it. Then put the roll in the toaster oven for three to four minutes to allow the cheese to melt.  While the cheese is melting, take out a big bowl and pour the chips into it.  Make sure the whole bag of chips fits in the bowl.

When the cheese is melted, take it out of the toaster and put the roast beef on the roll.  Then cut your sandwich in half, obviously.

Take out a large glass and pour some water into it. It’s important to always have a healthy beverage with your meal.  Once the water is poured, you are ready to enjoy the best sandwich you will ever have!