Copy Desk Cookoff: Never Fail Sangria!

Nothing tastes like summer quite like sangria. As someone who is a self-proclaimed wine expert, I can say truthfully that this is my favorite sangria recipe. It was at one point a family secret — so shh! Don’t tell my mom I’m sharing it with all of you!

What you need:

One large bottle of wine or two regular sized bottles of any cheap red

One cup triple sec

One cup flavored vodka (I’m a big fan of using mango pineapple Svedka)

Two cups of orange pineapple juice

Two cups of sprite

Two apples

Two oranges

(Feel free to use whatever fruit you have available or if you prefer something else)

What to do:

The original wine expert of my family, my mom, recommends making the liquid mixture a day in advance so that the wine and liquors really merge in a sea of flavor. However, if you are in a time crunch or really need a drink this minute, feel free to throw it all together the same day.

1. Combine all of your liquid ingredients in a large container; basically throw everything together that aren’t your fruits.

2. Cut up your fruit. I recommend cutting the oranges in circle slices, they look the most visually appealing this way. Chop up your apples as you wish, I usually do thin slices as if you were cutting it to eat as a snack.

3. Pour liquid over fruit and refrigerate until you are ready to enjoy.

4. Drink up that sunshine!