Copy Desk Cookoff: Sandwiches

I hate making myself food, but when I do, I prefer to make sandwiches.

Due to my lack of attention span when it comes to making food, preparing sandwiches is the way to go.

The art of creating the perfect deli sandwich is one that is difficult to master. Until now.

It has been created by none other than yours truly and it is far from typical.

For starters, a bagel is used for bread. Using an everything bagel is recommended because it’s the best type of bagel and everyone knows that.

Get out your toaster and cook until your bagel is nice and crispy, but not too much — because that is disgusting.

The choice cold cuts are roast beef and sliced turkey or chicken, whatever you prefer. Then add barbeque sauce, yellow mustard and potato chips.

The chips are not optional. They are absolutely mandatory for this sandwich.  Also, the additional horseradish cheddar spread — if you can find it — adds a nice kick to further enhance your meal.

Congratulations, you have just received the formula for the greatest lunch ever.

You can thank me later.


Zach Higgins