Copy Desk Cookoff: Sumano’s Authentic Family Flan!

I love to cook and take advantage of every opportunity I have to make my own meals, but my culinary interests started in baking. Growing up in a Hispanic household, flan was a confectionary staple that I loved to make with my mom’s help. With Cinco de Mayo on the horizon, I’m sharing my family’s flan recipe so that you can celebrate properly at home. Break out the cerveza and find the alegría in preparing this sweet treat.


3/4 cups sugar

One cup milk

One can sweetened condensed milk

Four eggs

One teaspoon vanilla

One teaspoon cornstarch 

Melt the sugar in a deep baking pan until it’s caramel-colored and let cool. Blend the milk, sweetened condensed milk, eggs, vanilla and cornstarch until smooth. Pour the mixture into the pan and place it in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes. Use a knife to check for readiness; the knife should come out clean. If not, leave the dish in the pressure cooker until it does. Refrigerate overnight and serve.