Copy Desk Cookoff: Winner Is Served

Katherine Speller, Rachel Freeman, Angela Matua and Carolyn Quimby

Copy Desk provided proof of their masterful culinary chops with you. Now, our page editors will weigh in on the different recipes and name one copy editor the Cook-off Champion!

Angela: Not to be biased or anything, but  I’m going to have to choose Lil’ Lief’s roast beef sandwich. I’m not a huge fan of roast beef, but he made it sound sort of appealing and his recipe is seeping with sass which makes it so much better.


Rachel: As wonderful as all of this semester’s cookoffs were, this decision wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it would be. Honestly, John Tappen’s “Week Night Dinner” had me at eating a block of cheddar in front of the fridge. From personal experience, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Carolyn: I’m not even going to lie. Zameena had me at Jack Daniel’s (and then I finished reading the headline and saw cake and was sold). I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually make it, because if there’s whiskey in my possession, I’m more than likely to make myself a drink of the sour variety. But if Zameena (or anyone else) wants to make it for me, I’d be positively buzzing with happiness.


Katie: This has been a tough semester. Our copy desk has wowed me with numerous hilarious, delicious, sad and/or troublesome recipes. I worry that someday they’ll be left to fend for themselves in the wild (or in their own apartments) and will ultimately end up starving to death.

Hopefully not, though.

In the end, I’m going to have to agree with John Tappen’s “Week Night Dinner,” since it filled me with the strangest mix of  familiarity and depression. Besides, it’s just about the only thing I could pull off in my own kitchen.