New Paltz Give-Back: Costume Shopping Second-Hand

With Halloween coming up this weekend, it’s safe to say a costume planned right now would be considered last-minute.

 It’s too late to turn to online shopping for help, and you think you’ve run out of options. 

Look no further — an easy and sustainable option is located right here in New Paltz: The Salvation Army!

Nowadays, with technology at our fingertips, we often find ourselves turning to fast fashion as the only outlet for clothing and we sometimes forget the beauty of thrifting.

Thrifting is often an enriching experience, with the uncertainty of what you may find. You’re also able to find fashion pieces you won’t find anywhere else. 

By shopping second-hand, you’re helping to contribute to saving the planet by purchasing goods that are already produced and have the potential to end up in a landfill somewhere. 

Not only would you be saving the planet, thrifted clothes are often better quality than fast fashion clothing.

 If an item has ended up in a thrift store, chances are it has been made longer than a year ago and has stayed intact, which is longer than a low quality top from a fast fashion website would last.

Thrifting is also a fun activity to do with your friends this fall. 

While shopping with an open mind, you might be able to find some hidden gems (my friend recently thrifted a Christian Dior sweater).

The fashion industry contributes to a large amount of world pollution. As clothing becomes trendy, the rate at which it is produced increases rapidly, as does the pollution it creates. 

When you shop second-hand, you’re aiding in eliminating the carbon footprint that the industry has created, all while finding a new wardrobe at an affordable cost. 

Instead of searching through Amazon for a trendy costume, take a trip to The Salvation Army for a timeless look that’ll win you a prize at a costume contest.

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