Council Concludes Fall Semester With Updates

At the last Council of Organizations meeting of the semester, the  organization of  racial forums was discussed.

Many events were held so students could have a safe platform to discuss their feelings on racism in New Paltz and the current student climate. Council of Organizations Chair Shayna Bentley said there was a meeting that night run by Student Association (SA) Executive Vice President Eve Stern in Bouton Hall titled “White Privilege: Does it Exist?” She also made announcements about SA President Terrell Coakley helping organize Wednesday’s forum, “Can We Talk About It?” in the Student Union Multipurpose Room from 6 to 8 p.m.

Bentley also announced that the survey for SA Productions is currently available to be filled out via students’ Hawkmail accounts. The survey is designed to poll the student body and see who the majority would like to see perform on campus in the spring.

Vice President of Finance Youssouf Kouyo announced that there is currently no money left in the General Programming budget line for this semester; however, there is $10,000 left for the Conferences line. So any organization that needs funding to attend conferences should contact him.

Kouyo also said he was looking for another member for the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC). Toni-Ann Stevens, member of African Women’s Association, Caribbean Students Organization, All People United and Residence Life, nominated herself and was unanimously voted into the position.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance Ayanna Thomas announced that  more than 40 candidates are competing for seats on next year’s senate.

This brought about the “Meet the Candidates” section of the night. Thomas said senate elections are taking place on Nov. 7 starting at noon and will continue until Nov. 9 at 11:59 p.m. on

The candidates present included: Anthony Adegunle, first-year political science major; Kaychell English, third-year psychology and Black studies major; Kevin Cavanna, third-year English major; Lisette Espinal, first-year sociology and Black Studies major; Joskary Diaz second-year sociology major; Lauren Crawford, second-year international relations major; Rose Faber, a fourth-year student; Caitlin O’Donnell, second-year political science major; Cora Walker, second-year political science major; Nabiha Kabir, first-year biology major and Kasper Garlicki, first-year international relations major.