Council Considers Budgetary Shortfall

At the Council of Organizations meeting on Monday, Feb. 21, four representatives were elected to the Student Association (SA) Productions Committee.

Henry Lino, Justin Feliz, Justin Mercado and Ariel Castillo were nominated and voted in unanimously to the committee which will use funds to bring entertainment options to campus. All of the committee members, though new to the campus, said they were excited to get involved and create events that would reflect the varying and diverse interests on campus.

Mary Kastner, the director of design, print and mail services presented a mascot design for club use. Kastner said that after club sports and intercollegiate athletic teams were given their own design of Hugo the Hawk, clubs showed interest in having an image of the mascot as well. If clubs or organizations would like to use the new image of Hugo, they should contact the Design, Print and Mail Services in the Haggerty Administration Building.

SA Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance Caitlin Ryan discussed the budget shortfalls and the council’s plan to host a “Walk out/Teach in” from classes on Tuesday, March 8 followed by SUNY Palooza, a demonstration to rally the state legislature, on March 15. She said she hopes to see students take part in the walk out and spend the day in the Student Union taking part in informative discussions and seminars run by students and teachers.

Ryan further stressed the importance of staying informed on the budget situation, noting the effects of the cuts would soon become apparent in the classroom from the class sizes, implementing of course rotation and the loss of faculty.

“You’re going to see your class sizes getting bigger and you’re going to see courses being offered less frequently,” said Ryan. “As students, we have the power to get involved and do something about it.”

The next Council of Organizations meeting will be held on Monday, March 7.