Council Of Organizations Introduces New Program

At the first Council of Organizations meeting of the semester on Feb. 13, Shayna Bentley, council chair of the Student Association (SA), introduced the Community Outreach and Development Program (COD).

COD is a point-based system in which clubs will receive two points for working on already existing projects, three points for hosting campus-based events and four points for hosting a community and village-based event. One extra point will be awarded to groups that collaborate with organizations outside of their houses.

Bentley said the ultimate goal of COD is for members of council to attend the meetings and ask, “What do we need and what are we going to do to support our community this semester?”

To get points for COD, each club must fill out a form after the event and Bentley will count the points at the end of the semester. The top three groups will receive prizes. First place gets $250 for apparel, second gets $150 for food and third place is a pizza party for the organization.

After this, Executive Vice President of SA Eve Stern announced she is continuing work on her survey for gender-neutral housing. Stern is currently seeking 10 students to participate in a focus group to complete the first edition of her survey and provide feedback. She said this will take approximately one hour and participants will be given 25 Hawk Dollars in exchange for their efforts. Stern said for more information, contact her via email at or during office hours in SU 419.

Youssouf Kouyo, vice president of finance, said SA has $44,989 left for this semester in the conference budget, but the general fund money is moving very quickly.

“This semester we started out with $105,000 and already burned $40,000 in two weeks,” said Kouyo. “If you know you need money, come now. By next week we will probably have spent about $50,000 already.”

He also said budgets for next year are due on March 28 before 4:30 p.m. to be evaluated during Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) weekend.

Elections followed these announcements. Laneesha Baccus, vice president of programming, sought five members for the Student Association Productions (SAP) and two were elected. Also three members were sought for the Programming Board and one was elected.

SAP meets every Monday at 8:30 p.m. and is in charge of who plays at the spring concert. The two students elected were Leah Mattice of National Association of Art Education and Stephanie Mejia of Envy Fashions. The other positions will be filled at the next council meeting.

Programming board meets on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. to approve funding that is requested by organizations. The student nominated was Kati Rosen of Anime Club.

Next were elections for Council Board. Molly Thurston-Chase of Dumbledore’s Army, Oluwatofunmi Ayanfodun of SAFA and Alyssa Manfredo of WFNP The Edge filled three seats.

The next Council meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 27 and all club charters are due on Feb. 20.