Council Of Orgs Addresses Alumni Weekend And Relations


The most recent Council of Organizations meeting featured several guest speakers. Council Chair Rose Faber opened up the meeting and introduced Brenda Dow, the director of alumni relations.

Dow had previously stressed the importance of students and the connection with the alumni office. She said she is open to information about what students are looking for when they graduate, working toward an expanded network of current students and alumni in the future.

“Networking and who your contacts are is going to be incredibly helpful to you when you get a job,” she said.

Dow said the alumni reunion weekend, running Sept. 19 to 22, will feature an open mic/talent showcase for the first time ever. Dow is looking for performers and volunteers.

The SUNY New Paltz chapter president of United University Professions, Peter Brown, passed out a petition for educational quality, fairness and equity for both full-time faculty and adjuncts. He said that full-time lecturers at SUNY New Paltz teach five courses per semester and is the only SUNY that requires lecturers teach more than four courses. Brown spoke of an environment where “teachers should be pushing limits, taking risks” and the petition calls for steps to make this possible.

Kristine Weinheimer, the Student Activities and Union Services graduate assistant, said the applications for club awards are up on the Student Activities website. The deadline for clubs to submit an application for an award is April 8.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance Jonathan Espinosa called for people to run for the student senate. Since no one wished to run during the meeting, spots in student senate are still open.

At the next council meeting, the election for two members of the Constitutional Rules Committee will commence. Additionally, council chair elections will take place. The next Council of Organizations meeting will be April 15 at 7 p.m. in SUB 62/63.