County Waste to Monopolize New Paltz Garbage

County Waste is set to become the sole provider for residential garbage pickup in both the town and village of New Paltz. Photo courtesy of Matt Ferremi.

New Paltz town and village officials are close to an agreement with County Waste for the company to be the sole provider of residential garbage pickup throughout New Paltz. 

Village mayor Tim Rogers said that three companies submitted bids to the town and village. County Waste was the lowest bidder out of the three.

“Waste Management and Royal were the other two companies that submitted bids to us,” Rogers said. “We took the County Waste offer since it was the lowest out of the three.”

Rogers mentioned how the idea of a single garbage pickup provider is not a unique idea to New Paltz. The previous village mayor in Jason West tried to do the same thing years prior. 

Rogers also discussed how a 2016 report by State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli detailed how municipalities in the state should handle waste management. The report states that, “Whether your municipality provides garbage collection services directly or by contract with a private company, citizens must receive the highest quality of service for the lowest possible cost.” Rogers believes this is what the town and village are doing with this County Waste contract. 

One issue that was raised with the idea of having a single garbage hauler is that the customers will not have any other option for garbage pickup. Rogers mentioned how the contract is set to be for five years and how the plans can change after the five years are up. 

“County Waste is going to have to rebid after the five year mark, so if there are issues with customer service, we won’t re-up with them,” Rogers said. “We will also be in contact with them [County Waste] to make sure everything is operating well. Our residents won’t be alone in this.” 

The New Paltz Times reported that residents who wish to have their garbage picked up by County Waste have been promised savings of more than $10 per month. Rogers views this as more than just $10 monthly savings.

“This is about a lot more than just saving $10 a month,” Rogers said. “Having fewer garbage trucks on the road  leads to less damage to local roads; there is also less pollution and noise.”