Course Schedule To Be Adjusted In Fall 2013

Starting in fall 2013, students will have a newly implemented 15-minute gap between classes to talk with peers or speak with faculty.

During course registration in one year’s time, one column of the official SUNY New Paltz schedule of classes will uncharacteristically feature different information: time.

President Donald Christian said after listening to student concerns and reviewing recommendations from a national organization in regards to course scheduling, there will be a 15-minute gap between classes in fall 2013.

Christian said in talks with his student advisory groups and  “Hot Cocoa and Hot Topics” discussions in residence halls in recent months, issues relating to course scheduling were brought up consistently.

“I think the conversations with students led to some immediacy on that particular
issue,” he said.

College officials acted by working with a consultant from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), a non-profit group of more than 11,000 higher education admissions and registration professionals. Christian said administrators received a report with recommendations for changes to be enacted in course scheduling.

One suggestion that will be acted on was to have 15 minutes between course time slots, Christian said. Currently, students and faculty have 10 minutes between consecutive classes. This change would therefore adjust course start-times, pushing all those that begin after 8 a.m. back by five minutes.

Christian said he thinks with this change, students and faculty will be on time and freer to speak to one another more often.

“It would provide students and faculty to meet in between and have less of a hurried schedule getting from one class to the next,” he said. “I think students and faculty will be happy to hear about [it].”

Some students agree the current schedule of classes does not allow them to speak to faculty before or after a class.

Amanda Borgia, a fourth-year Women’s Studies and sociology double major, said a 15-minute gap between classes would allow students to do things like ask professors questions or talk to peers if they are working in a group.

Borgia said it would also help students avoid missing class time to go to the restroom.

“Not all professors are OK with students going during class,” she said. “They would not have to rush to their next class or worry if there is a long line.”

Other students said the 10-minute gap between courses is sufficient.

Sharon Hillman, a second-year psychology major, said the current schedule affords students “plenty of time” to get from one class to the next.

“I’ve never had an issue with getting to class on time,” she said. “If I’m late, it’s my own fault.”

Christian said AACRAO had other recommendations in addition to the schedule time adjustment that will be revealed over the course of the next year.