Cracking Open Cold Ones With The Oracle

New Paltz Oracle members from left to right: Matt Feremi, Rob Piersall, Rachael Purtell. Fun Fact: The photo booth in Cuddy’s is meant for two people and two people only. Also, it does not give change back.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of the bars at New Paltz, just the ones we were able to get to due to conflicting schedules and Sunday hours. 


You may recall earlier in the semester some of our favorite New Paltz Oracle boys went on a quest to find the perfect slice of New Paltz pizza “in the name of journalism.” Well, Rob Piersall and Matt Ferremi were back at it again, along with Rachael Purtell and videographer Mike Villani in place of Anthony Orza, on their next quest to find the best bar downtown.

Depending on what you consider a bar, there are countless in this college town; on Sunday, Dec. 3 we were able to make it to seven. Each rating is again graded on a scale of one to 10, with prices, atmosphere, friendliness of the staff and, of course, the quality of the drinks taken into consideration.

Asian Fusion

We kicked off our journey at Asian Fusion with a Budweiser and a shot for $5 in a toast to The New Paltz Oracle staff of Spring 2018. The bar is on the smaller side so it’s perfect for small groups and they have a daily happy hour from 6-9 p.m. with killer drink specials. Additionally, the bartenders are very friendly and more than willing to help you select the perfect drink.

Drink of Choice: Rachael-Budweiser and a shot of whiskey, Rob-Budweiser and a shot of whiskey, Matt-Budweiser and a shot of whiskey

Pros: great drink specials, colorful lights, friendly bartenders

Cons: on the smaller side, more of a restaurant than a bar.

Overall Rating: Rachael-7.2, Rob-6.9, Matt-7.5


Next, we worked our way down Main Street to Murphy’s Restaurant & Pub. Not the best drinks in the world, but the staff is very accommodating to their guests. Additionally, Murphy’s employs a lot of SUNY New Paltz students connecting the college to the community in a unique way. Lastly, they are great at hosting private events with or without food.

Drink of Choice: Rachael-Miller Light on draft, Rob-Miller Light on draft, Matt-Blue Moon 

Pros: staff, private events, location, prices

Cons: drink potency, or lack thereof

Overall Rating: Rachael-7.3, Rob-7, Matt-7.1


The dive of all dives. If you are a regular here, the staff knows it and you know that they know it. The drinks are cheap, but you get what you pay for and for many, the plastic cups are a guilty pleasure. P&G’s always has a full house, even on Sundays, and the staff of The Oracle was honored by their service because it was the first time any of us have seen glass in this location!

Drink of Choice: Rachael-Amaretto Sour, Rob-Bud Light, Matt-Bud-Light

Pros: staff, location, prices, good company, music, Towers on Thursdays

Cons: drink quality, overcrowded, lack of seating

Overall Rating: Rachael-8.0, Rob-7.2, Matt-7.6


With a plethora of sauces and $5 pitchers of Bud Light, you really can’t beat wing night at McGillicuddy’s. Additionally, this friendly staff will help you celebrate your birthday with a complementary fishbowl of your choice.

Drink of Choice: Rachael-Blue Fishbowl, Rob-Blue Fishbowl, Matt-Blue Fishbowl

Pros: staff, location, wing night, food, atmosphere

Cons: drink prices, drink quality

Overall Rating: Rachael-8.2, Rob- 7.5, Matt-7.8


Bacchus gets the award for best bar of the night. With a variety of beer selection, good food and a welcoming staff, we made ourselves comfortable and took our time moving on to our next location.

Drink of Choice: Rachael-Mad Elf, Rob-Narragansett on tap , Matt-Bud-Light 

Pros: drink selection, pool, food, atmosphere

Cons: prices

Overall Rating: Rachael-8.5, Rob-9, Matt-8.3


Snug Harbor is definitely where we bonded the most and minds were blown. Over $2.50 Snugs Surprises, stories were shared and toasts were made. We may not remember every detail since this was our second to last bar of the night, but we are closer all the same.

Drink of Choice: Rachael-Snug’s Surprise, Rob-Snugs Surprise/Genessee on Tap, Matt-Snug’s Surprise 

Pros: drink specials, uniqueness

Cons: drink quality, overcrowded, lack of seating

Overall Rating: Rachael-6.8, Rob-9.2 (I’m a Snugs rat, what can I say), Matt-6.9


We ended our journey at Huckleberry, a beautiful bar tucked away off Main Street on Church. This bar offered the most unique drink selection of the night and sipping away our last drinks on the patio next to a fire was the perfect way to wrap up our quest.

Drink of Choice: Rachael-Seasonal Apple Cocktail, Rob-Seasonal Apple Cocktail, Matt-Miller High Life 

Pros: atmosphere, drink quality, drink selection, spacious, great date spot

Cons: prices

Overall Rating: Rachael-8.2, Rob-9.5, Matt-7.9

Drink responsibly and have a great time!