Crazy Crazy Stir Fry Medley

Surprisingly enough, I cooked a lot this week. But, I chose the best and most delicious meal yet. A friend and I invented our own stir fry, with veggies and shrimp. So here’s:

Crazy Crazy Stir Fry Medley

How many people are you making this for?

This is for four (and leftovers).

You’ll need:

1 bag of frozen shrimp, peeled and tailless preferred

1 bag of egg noodles

1 bag of frozen cauliflower and broccoli

1 can of water chestnuts

1 case of portabella mushrooms

1 bottle of Asian peanut sauce

1 bag of snap peas

1 red onion

Garlic (Amount depends on your liking)

Salt, pepper, spices

Olive oil

Alright! First things first, get that water boiling for the pasta. Begin chopping up all of your veggies and garlic into small pieces. Grab a collander and put the shrimp, cauliflower and broccoli under cold water for five minutes. Grab a large skillet and pour the olive oil in with the garlic and onions. After everything’s all hot and steamy, throw in the mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli. Keep stirring until they begin to cook. Begin to add in the water chestnuts, snap peas and the shrimp. Continue to sautee. During this time, the water should be boiling, so throw in the egg noodles. Continue to stir everything together. Once the noodles are cooked, pour them into the skillet and mix everything together. Grab the bottle of peanut sauce and pour the entire thing (do it) on top of everything, and again continue to mix around. And you’re done!