Deep End: PJ “Lucifer” Kern

PJ "Lucifer" Kern uses his Roman Catholic upbringing in creating his artwork.

Unique and striking, the sculpture pieces of second-year student PJ Kern, also known as Lucifer, are sure to catch anyone’s eye. He works with multiple types of media, but is applying to the BFA program for sculpting. He has always been drawn to art, working with ceramics since elementary school, and loves to create objects that are interactive and invoke emotion. 

“Unfortunately, I make my best work at two in the morning,” Lucifer jokes. When asked about the artistic process, Lucifer says he loves to listen to music you can dance to, and to begin each piece by writing down his intent, just like David Bowie used to. 

“I take a lot of inspiration from my Roman Catholic upbringing, hence a lot of the iconographic motifs in my work. I take a lot of animal inspiration, and I use a lot of fiber techniques in my work, be it stitching or knitting or weaving or sewing.” says Lucifer about his unique style.

The intense iconography and imagery in his work allows each piece to stand out. Lucifer mentioned that nature has a big impact on him. “The destruction of nature can also find a place in my work. I cry when trees are cut down.”

Lucifer also works as a gallery attendant in the Dorsky Museum on campus. He says he hopes to pursue art as a career, whether that means staying in a gallery setting, teaching or even pursuing prop design.

“Much of my work is emotionally charged,” Lucifer said when asked what his work means to him. “I firmly believe art (at least today) is about getting some kind of reaction from the viewer, be it positive or not, and I enjoy crafting my art to get specific emotions out of people.”

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