Deep End: Nikki Ross

“Ever since I was a kid, I remember carrying crayons and paper around in my backpack,” says second-year art major Nikki Ross. “Any chance I got I would draw and color.”

With a passion for art since she was little, Ross began taking art classes as she got older. She was able to attend not only a summer program at the Rhode Island School of Design, but was also able to take her talent to IED Barcelona, an international art school in Barcelona, Spain.

“I am inspired by everything and anyything,” Ross said. She points to color combinations in nature and everyday life as sources of inspiration, but puts emphasis on the people around her being her true muses, especially her boyfriend.

“The people I love inspire me to create and push my boundaries to improve myself and the art I produce.”

Ross has a passion for multimedia pieces. She creates pieces in all mediums, and often likes to mix them together to create unique work. Her favorites to work with are: oil paint, acrylic paint, digital art, printmaking and, of course, mixed media. She says her process for almost all her art involves thinking in layers, and that she loves to listen to music when creating artwork. 

Check out some of her work on instagram, @_artbynikki. She posts her current projects, and sells work. Ross also takes custom orders.

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