The Deep End: Staci Erica’s Music is Inspired By Their Queerness

Musician Staci Erica says there are more and more LGBTQIA+ artists entering the mainstream music world and they want to be part of that. Photo courtesy of John Alexander.

Local musician and fourth-year psychology major Staci Erica is gearing up to release their new single, “Roses & Violets” on Saturday, Nov. 13. The single is inspired by Erica’s gay awakening and their “excitement for having queer experiences.” 

Erica is a seasoned singer/songwriter, having released their popular song “What’s Your Sign?” back in April. Erica described what makes a song great and ready to release: “I think when you pour your heart and soul into it, and you know how to use those words to portray a story, that is when you can create the best song.” 

Erica draws a great deal of songwriting inspiration from their life experiences as a nonbinary person and how that identity relates to common themes of love, frustration and depression.

They explained how the use of different pronouns in songwriting and being able to explore different identities through lyrics affects their songwriting process. 

“I think that [identifying as nonbinary] affects the perspective that I have on songs … Just having more perspective in different areas, I feel like would be really beneficial and more enjoyable and exciting,” Erica said. 

When discussing their songs and their voice as an artist, Erica added, “I want to use it as something people can resonate with and relate to, because as a queer artist, there’s not a lot of mainstream queer artists … but I feel like there could be more entering the scene. And I want to be a part of that.” 

Stream Staci Erica’s tracks on all major music platforms and follow their musical journey on their instagram,

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