Letter to the Editor: Democracy Matters

Election Day

So much is at stake for you and all of us in the midterm election just around the corner – Tuesday, November 8th! The results will decide whether your rights will be protected! 

The Right to Democracy: The right to have election results fairly counted and to have candidates abide by the decisions of voters is essential to democracy. Casting your vote in this election signals that you believe that elections matter. But also, it is essential that every vote is counted by unbiased individuals who pledge to respect the will of the people. 

Reproductive Health and the Right to Control Your Body: The Supreme Court‘s recent decision to overturn reproductive rights affects us all. Your vote can help decide whether those rights will be further eroded or codified into law and protected. 

The Right To Be Safe: The epidemic of gun violence in schools and communities threatens all of our rights to safety and security. Your vote on election day will help to decide whether the right to a safe environment in school and elsewhere will be protected. 

The Right To Vote: Attempts to intimidate and erect obstacles to American citizens’ right to vote are unfortunately growing. Your vote in this election will register your belief that every citizen has the right to cast a vote for candidates who they believe reflect their values. 

Environmental Protection: Our planet is in danger from climate change and environmental pollution. You have the right to a future without dangerous climate change. Your voting on election day will help to decide whether our government acts to protect us from climate change and environmental degradation. 

The future belongs to us. We, as students, have the right and the ability to help shape that future. Our vote is a crucial way to show what we want and that we care. All of this makes this election absolutely critical for us. That’s why we need to vote and urge everyone we know to cast their vote at the polls. If we vote and work together, we have the power to change politics in this country! 

Our influence on election outcomes is growing. We voted in record numbers in 2018 and 2020. The 2020 youth turnout was 11 points higher than in the previous presidential election. 

The pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds, as well as early voting and same-day voter registration in many states, have boosted the ability of young people to determine the outcome of elections. 

But we still have a long way to go. In the last election, only 50% of young people voted. Our impact on our own future and the future of this country could be so much greater. 

Take the pledge today to make a difference with three easy steps! 

First, check your registration or register to vote: Apply for and send in your absentee ballot. Everything you need to know about voting in this election is at Turbovote.org.

Second, learn what ‘s on your own ballot: Find out who’s running and much more at Vote411.org.

Third, Promise to vote! And convince (at least) two friends to register and vote too. 

Democracy Matters is a national student organization working to protect democracy. This is what founder of Democracy Matters, NBA Star Adonal Foyle, said about the upcoming election and student voting power are so important: 

“I know that students have strong feelings about the world they want to inherit. One of the most important ways for them to share those ideas is to vote. Democracy does matter! By supporting candidates who protect your rights and help create a more just society, you and your friends can make an impact on their own future as well as ours. This November, let’s vote to create the future we deserve!”