“Doctor Who” Film Rumors

Rumors have been floating around the Internet about a new “Doctor Who” film that is in the works. Though there is still some speculation regarding whether the film itself, set to be directed by David Yates of the “Harry Potter” films, is even real. “Doctor Who” fans were outraged, as “Doctor Who” fans often are.

All over Tumblr, Twitter and their personal blogs they freaked out about the idea of rebooting the series, the potential casting and the series becoming too mainstream. Fans worried the current television canon would be forgotten in favor of an all-star Hollywood cast and the adorable history of “Doctor Who” as a science fiction masterpiece would be replaced with Michael Bay-inspired explosions and high-tech special effects.

I’ll admit to being troubled upon hearing Yates’ name, as I was less than thrilled with his handling of the “Harry Potter” films. But, I also realize that in the past there have been numerous (failed) attempts to translate the series to the big screen. For some reason the plot is only accessible and enjoyable in an hour-long serial format. The lengthy films can try on even the most fanatical viewer’s patience.

Show runner Steven Moffat’s response to the movie over Twitter was clearly less than enthused: “Announcing my personal moonshot, starting from scratch. No money, no plan, no help from NASA. But I know where the moon is — I’ve seen it.”

Another Twitter user baited him, praising the ability of the director.

“Oh don’t give me that shit. I expect David Yates to do better than you.”

“At going to the moon?” Moffat replied. “I’d like to see him try!!”