Dogs of New Paltz

Dogs of New Paltz features the friendliest, most adventurous dogs located across the New Paltz area. This
week’s featured dogs are all up for adoption with Take Me Home Animal Rescue.

They are being fostered by families in the New Paltz area and are looking for their forever homes! Take Me Home rescues dogs from high-kill shelters in the south and brings them up north for adoption. If you are interested in adopting with Take Me Home, or would like to see pictures of the dogs mentioned, you can visit their website,

Calista— 6-month-old Pitbull mix

Calista is laid back, and spends most of her day lounging around. She’s extremely sweet, though and loves other dogs. She is currently living with three other dogs and two children, so she will fit right in with any family.

Big Boy— 8-month-old Shepherd mix

Big Boy is also very laid back and loves relaxing, but has a playful side. He’s great with other dogs and kids, and would make for the perfect family pet.

Maggie— 2-year-old Boston terrier mix

Maggie is a huge sweetheart who loves everything and everybody!

Blu— 9-month-old Pitbull

Blu gets along with everyone. He loves other dogs, cats, kids and even birds! He has a big playful side and is definitely a little hyper, so he would fit in best with an active family. 

Mia— 1-year-old Lab mix

Mia is great with other dogs, but doesn’t have the best relationship with cats. She loves to run and is very active, but at the end of the day, is a huge cuddler and loves to sleep at the foot of your bed.

Walnut— 1-year-old Lab mix

Walnut, who is currently living with Calista, is great with children and loves all animals.

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