Dogs of New Paltz

Dogs of New Paltz features the friendliest, most adventurous dogs located across the New Paltz area. This week’s featured dog is Bailey, who belongs to The Oracle’s own, Rachael Purtell. 

Name and breed 

Bailey is a male labradoodle that is honestly probably smarter than anyone reading about him, but his defining characteristic is truly that he just loves people way too much. Labradoodles are a hypoallergenic cross-breed between labrador retrievers and poodles. Male labradoodles are typically 18 to 20 inches tall and 35 to 40 pounds. Bailey blows both of these statistics out of the water and thus is typically mistaken for a goldendoodle, a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle.

Bailey is a mischievous boy when he’s feeling neglected, so hold onto all of your possessions when he is around.

About Bailey

Bailey eats absolutely everything. No scrap of food or important document will be safe on any countertop. Even if you push the item all the way back, he will find a way to pull it down. Fortunately, he leaves very little behind so cleanup is usually pretty easy. Additionally, he has a cast-iron stomach, so you don’t even have to keep an eye out for puke if he ate something suspicious!

As previously stated, Bailey is smarter than most people. When he does not get enough attention, he will go get something that he knows he is not supposed to have and stand there and stare at the owner of the item while holding it in his mouth. He will typically wait until the individual gets up and will then retreat to a room with a large table and run around it because he knows it will take more than one person to catch him and retrieve said item.

Bailey’s Pasttimes

Bailey is kind of a red neck dog. If he had opposable thumbs, he would probably be a killer beer pong player. He is a frequent camper and his favorite destination is Wellesley Island. Bailey likes Wellesley Island because the campsites are relatively large and he gets to be on a longer leash. He also loves all the extra people food he gets to eat during late-night fireside dinners!

Last but not least, Bailey loves the water. When his family takes him out on the boat he is often the first one in the water. He has even gotten better at helping his owners pull him back up on the boat after a round of fetch. This dog truly does it all!