Dogs of New Paltz

Tucker is a fan of outdoor activities such as bicycle rides and nature walks with his owner as well as simply cuddling up on the couch. Photos by Mikayla LaPorte

After a few minutes of warming up to you, Tucker’s personalty really shines through. His main desire in life is to be loved, no matter the time or day or how busy you are. 

Mikayla LaPorte, third-year communication disorders major, has had Tucker since she was 17, and has blessed us by bringing him to New Paltz.

Name and Breed 

Tucker is a purebred chihuahua, the smallest breed of dog, who will turn eight years old at the end of March. At merely five pounds, he’s the perfect size to sit in your lap or carry in your arm around the house. As a shorthair, Tucker has a smooth coat with  luscious multi-colored fur, including several shades of dark and light brown.

About Tucker

Tucker, as I mentioned earlier, longs for constant attention, love, and care. LaPorte’s roommate and occasional caretaker of Tucker, Laura Blondi, explained, “He’s really funny because when you leave to run an errand he’ll chew up the garbage, poop on the floor and go crazy.” Sometimes you might catch Tucker shaking when he is not comfortable with you yet. However, watch out for when Tucker is faking this in a call for attention.

He is a dedicated lover of Pup-Peroni and could always go for a treat. It is not a question that Tucker absolutely loves to socialize and capture everyone’s attention.

Tucker’s Pastimes

Tucker is a chihuahua with many hobbies, some of which include: napping, hiking, biking, and sunbathing. Warmth is one of Tucker’s most cherished comforts. He achieves this by either finding the perfect spot on the couch (where the sun shines), or snuggling up on the heating pad in LaPorte’s room. One might say his favorite season is the summer, where he can be outside and hangout. Hanging out in the basket attached to LaPorte’s bike is one of his favorite things to do. If he’s not there, he is hiking next to her.

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