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Fun Fact: Maisey recently celebrated her first birthday in January, where she was spoiled with all of her favorite treats and toys.

Dogs of New Paltz features the friendliest, most adventurous dogs located across the New Paltz area. This week’s featured dog is Maisey, who belongs to The Oracle’s own, Cloey Callahan.

Name and Breed

When the Callahan family first got Maisey last spring, they were torn on what to name her. Throughout the day, the family spewed ideas out after passing every store that they saw. Nothing stuck. That night they went home, still with different ideas. Eventually, they put all of their ideas into a hat. The name Maisey was picked out and she caught on to it quickly. Now, she is more commonly known as “Crazy Maisey” due to her lively personality. Maisey is a beagle. Beagles are often lovable and caring, but they are hound dogs. Hound dogs are commonly used by hunters to track or catch prey. Because of her breed, Maisey is indeed stubborn and will often run around in her backyard. She loves to protect her family and will sit by the door and howl whenever she senses something.

About Maisey

Maisey absolutely loves being around people. When her family goes out to run errands, and need to put Maisey in her cage, she runs around the house until someone lures her with treats. Around the house, she loves to be as close to her family as possible, such as sitting on their feet, one her favorite things to do.Whether the family is washing dishes, eating dinner, or on the computer, Maisey is close by for company. Every single day Maisey loves to have, what the Callahan’s like to call, a “run around.” She makes laps around the house constantly during this time, where she is being chased as well. Anything to get some energy out is what she loves considering she is a bundle of energy. When it is nighttime, she refuses to sit still because of her constant need to play.

Maisey’s Pastimes

Maisey loves playing with toys and being outside. Her favorite toy is anything that is not hers. She loves any good boot, sock, or stuffed animal lying around the house. Since she is still a puppy, she loves to chew away. On top of this, Maisey loves to travel. She loves going to New York City, where she has already visited a couple times. The train makes her fall asleep right away. She also loves to hangout with other dogs in the neighborhood. Her favorite place to walk around is on the bike path that goes through town. This is where she can run and sniff around, play in the water, and enjoy other outdoor activities. She also loves to play fetch with her parents as much as she can.

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