New Paltz Give-Back: Earth Day!

This image shows Google’s creative doodle from Earth Day 2022, depicting the same landscape years apart and completely different from climate change.

This past Friday, April 22, was Earth Day. Google’s creative logo on this day was a back to back image of a location twenty years apart, depicting how climate change has drastically changed the state of the Earth. 

There are many simple activities you can do to care for the Earth, on Earth Day and everyday. Picking up trash on the beach, deciding to ride a bike instead of driving and utilizing reusable containers are just a few ways you can give back.

In honor of Earth Day, it’s appropriate to shed some light on, an organization dedicated to caring for the planet. There are many volunteer opportunities and events hosted that anyone can be a part of. Their website has a layout of everything they have to offer, including articles, event details and other exciting information to check out. hosts an event titled The Great Global Cleanup, which is a worldwide campaign to remove litter from neighborhoods, beaches, streets and more in efforts to eliminate global waste and fight climate change. They host clean-ups all around the world, and have online sign up sheets available on their website, along with a list of clean-ups occurring.

Our planet is something that every human should be caring of, and with the state of climate change nowadays, the time for action is past due. Every person is held accountable for caring for our planet Earth, because — as cheesy as it is — we do only get one.
So this Earth month, and every month after, keep the planet’s best interest in mind before you decide to throw your half-eaten fast food out your car window. Check out for more information on ways to care for the planet.

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