Eating My Words: Looking Back On My Preseason Predictions

So, another season of baseball is done and over with, which means it’s time to go back and see if my pre-season predictions from last semester’s Oracle were anywhere near where each team actually finished.

This season was littered with surprises and failures, and I got some of them correct.

As for playoff teams, I correctly guessed five out of eight teams. So in baseball terms I’m batting .625, which would certainly get me the MVP award. Go me!

I correctly predicted that the Twins, Yankees, Rangers, Phillies and Giants would make the playoffs, but grossly miscalculated others.

I thought that the Rockies and Cardinals would make the playoffs, and my biggest blunder was picking the Red Sox to win the World Series. Got that one wrong, huh?

I also predicted that the Blue Jays and Padres would have horrible records (but come on, so did everyone) and I predicted that the Braves would be mediocre, and they ended up surprising everyone and made the playoffs.

However, I was also right about the Rangers having a breakout year, the Giants winning the NL West and the Reds showing promise.

Overall, this year was interesting, fun and mostly depressing (I’m a Mets fan). With the playoffs in full-gear, the off-season is just around the corner. But have no fear! The baseball season never ends for fans like me.