Editor’s Note:

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate a few members of The Oracle for their recent achievements.

Earlier this week, The Oracle recieved two awards from The New York Press Association (NYPA), including third place honors for “Best Feature Story” and “Best Sports Section” as part of their “Better Newspaper Contest” for 2012.

Former Arts & Entertainment Editor Zan Strumfeld was honored for her story “Finding Solace In Four Colors,” a profile of a New Paltz alumni who channeled his childhood depression into a comic strip.

Zan’s story was poignant and was one of the best stories I have seen published in ‘The Gunk’ in my time as Editor-in-Chief.

In addition, the 2012 sports section was named one of the top three college newspaper sections in the state.

NYPA pointed out The Oracle’s sports photography in particular, which is a testament to the work our News/Sports Photo Editor Robin Weinstein puts in every week as she runs up and down fields for us.

Cat Tacopina’s direction of the sports section was passionate – something anyone she has interviewed in the past year can attest to.

The sports section’s honors should be shared by anyone who has written about New Paltz athletics in the last year, as each and every story was an important piece toward attaining this honor.

I am proud of Zan, Cat, all of our sports staff and the entire E-board. While awards are a nice way to physically honor high-quality work, The Oracle strives to put out an award-worthy paper every week.

Here’s to more awards in the future!

Andrew Wyrich

* Edited on 4/11/13