“Falling For Christmas:” New Netflix Movie Review

On Nov. 10, 2022, Netflix aired a special original film in anticipation of the fast-approaching holiday season. Starring Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet, “Falling for Christmas” will have you smiling ear to ear with holiday joy. This upbeat, hour-and-a-half long rom-com will keep you rooting for the “rich girl” to find her true aspirations and the happiest path of life as she maneuvers through new adventures, obstacles and love. Rocketing up the movie chart on Netflix’s Top 10 list, this movie turned out absolutely perfect to put on for this chilly holiday: skiing, a family owned lodge and Christmas carols? Yes, yes and yes please! 

After a ski accident gone wrong, heiress Sierra Belmont (Lohan) awakens with a concussion which causes her to lose her memory completely just days before Christmas. Her brand new fiancè stranded in the middle of nowhere, her father away on a business trip and her personal staff assuming she was on vacation, no one comes looking for Sierra as she struggles to remember anything about her life. After being taken in generously by a kind hearted local innkeeper, Jake Russell (Overstreet), Sierra finds herself in the midst of love and patience, which allows her the room to relearn herself as a person free from her past. She begins navigating her life with new skills and pastimes; Jake and his family help her get back into the groove of life to jog her memory. Connecting with a close-knit family helps Sierra know one thing for certain — she wants in! The pacing of this fun story is never too slow or too fast; you will surely find yourself on your toes at times, eager for Sierra to remember her true identity and make better choices going forward, perhaps even finding her destiny.

This movie is absolutely perfect for any “Gilmore Girls” fans — ringing the sweet, familiar bell of small town charm. There is nothing more adorable and reminiscent than a tiny but lively town that gets together during the bustling holiday seasons and stands together in times of uncertainty. One of the things that stands out about this movie is that it has a great balance between comedy, romance and storyline. There are not many gooey romance scenes. Instead, the movie focuses on the support and kindness of a small town — the way a family stands together during hardship and opting out of materialistic lifestyles for more fulfilling ones instead. The overall message shown throughout is a great reminder for viewers as we enter this holiday season; family and friends are more important than money and status. If you would enjoy a modern take on a Christmas movie with lovable, hometown characters and a charming, family owned business thriving with town support, this will be the perfect family-friendly movie to put on as you snuggle up this winter, wondering what to watch. 

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