Faso Wins 19th Congressional Ticket

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

19th District Congress-elect John Faso won this year’s congressional election with 55 percent of the popular vote.

“Congratulations to Zephyr Teachout on a hard fought race that was closely watched not only by those living in the 19th Congressional District, but by people all over the nation,” Faso said in his statement. “What we’ve heard today is that citizens are deeply concerned about our country; that they care about its future; and they want a government that works for them and gets things done. They’re tired of gridlock, games and the 24-hour spin cycle and punditry. To those people, I say, I hear you loud and clear.”

Faso furthered his acknowledgment of voters who are unhappy with the current system by saying he plans to influence other politicals to put aside “partisan impulses and work for the common good of all.” 

New Paltz Village Mayor Tim Rogers said he felt particularly in the 19th district there may have been an opportunity for Teachout to continue to do well if she got Trump supporters from people who view him as an outsider candidate, and as someone who is critical of trade deals, status quos, corporations “having a seat at the table” and politics as usual. 

“There are many Trump supporters who respected and appreciate Bernie’s  messages,” Rogers said. “I was hoping in the district that those who are registered with no party and even some republicans would come together and say, ‘we like Teachout’s value set.’”

In her concession statement, Teachout expressed her gratuity and pride for those who stood behind her and supported her throughout the race. 

“We gave the billionaires trying to buy our elections a real run for their money faceless men, cowards who spent $6.7 million to shut us up but we barked back with an average contribution of $19,” Teachout said in the statement. “It’s because of the parents, teachers, veterans, farmers and small business owners in the 19th Congressional District that this race was as close as it is. We showed them that we the people will not be dictated to, and our fight continues. Once a century a generation is called on to restore American democracy. Today our generation is called.”

Teachout’s statement instills a call to action to those who still find enthusiasm in the issues she has stood up for, and encourages these individuals to continue their local activism. 

Former New Paltz Town Supervisor and current Bio Executive Director of Hunger Action of New York State Susan Zimet said that she viewed Teachout as the perfect person to follow in the steps of former New York Representative Maurice Dunlea Hinchey. 

Despite an initial disappointment, Zimet said she wishes to work with Faso on hunger issues such as working to oppose Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan’s plans to cut $23 billion in federal food stamp funding. 

The 19th Congressional district will maintain its Republican majority, following up former Congressman Chris Gibson with Faso.