French Club Brings More Than Just Paris to New Paltz

Bonjour, SUNY New Paltz. As this issue comes out on the day of love, we bring to you a club celebrating the connoisseurs of romance themselves: the French Club. 

An organization focused on promoting francophone culture, especially to those who are interested, but not too aware, the New Paltz French Club hosts numerous events. Whether it be sharing films, music or food, they theme each event in a way to allow guests to have fun while also learning about the french culture. Events in the past have included Crêpes Night, Croissant Night and even French Slangs and Curses Night! 

“If there’s anything people love other than food, it’s learning to say a few colorful words in another language, so many came out and enjoyed themselves,” said the president of French club Rabiatou Compaoré. 

The French Club was created in 2014 as a way for students taking French classes to meet with other francophone students and ultimately improve their skills through games, fun activities, food, music and so on. Over time, it has gathered an audience of people who do not formally learn French in school, but enjoy the culture nonetheless. 

“The club is open to anyone who wishes to attend. You do not have to speak French to join us, and you also don’t have to be in a French class,” Compoaré said. 

The club meets every Thursday in Crispell’s main lounge, welcoming anyone who wishes to come.   

Sitting on the e-board next to Compoaré, is the vice president Lilian Vallet, the Oracle’s own Shyana Fisher as secretary, Treasurer Sydney Rankin and Isabel Wecht as the Council of Orgs member. They meet every week to plan upcoming events. 

A common misconception, and one that the club is aware of, is that most people think France is only Paris. 

“Our goal is to promote the culture and show to everyone that there is more to it than just Paris, because everyone immediately thinks of Paris when they hear french, but it’s much bigger than that, and it is actually very exciting,” Compoaré explained. 

They try to break out of the shell of common activities associated with the city of love and lights and give students a more well-rounded view of France. 

Speaking of the city of love, the French Club has an event tonight for their Valentine’s Day program. On Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. in the Crispell main lounge, you can attend, possibly with your boo, and make valentines cards together, all the while learning French words of endearment (hopefully something cuter than “boo”). 

For more information on the French Club and to stay updated with upcoming events, follow them on instagram @npfrenchclub.

Mahnoor Ali
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