From Jordan’s to Pavese’s

A pepperoni, a chicken-bacon-ranch, a sicilian and a veggie are pretty common slice pies to accompany a plain cheese under the glass. But what about hot dogs, french fries and cheddar?

Once Fat Bob’s, then Jordan’s, that quaint pizza place in need of better acoustics has once again fallen under new ownership and some changes have come to the corner spot. Now called Pavese’s Pizzeria, the restaurant re-opened on Aug. 1 and the hours, the prices and definitely the toppings have been, much like the old sign, thrown out and replaced.

This is now one of owner Anthony Pavese’s three locations in the Hudson Valley of the same name. Another store is in Highland and a third across the river in Wappingers Falls. Pavese said he is trying to create a locally known franchise.

“I am trying to get back to more of a family pizzeria where people come in for a sit down lunch or dinner,” Pavese said.

Pavese grew up in Highland, opening his pizzeria there two and a half years ago. The Wappingers location was built from scratch and opened this past January.

Store manager Jeff, who declined to give his last name, said that he is switching things up to make this the best pizza shop in New Paltz. He wants college students to know they are getting the best ingredients and the townspeople to love his pizza and come back again and again.

“I’m shooting for more townspeople, serving a better product at a better price,” Jeff said.

Jeff brought with him 175 different combinations of toppings, sauces and crusts along with 27 years of experience to help turn things up. Of course the staples are always available, but each day a new and interesting pie will be made and offered to all who enter. Exotic combinations that accompany the hot dog invention include sauceless slice of plum tomatoes with eggplant and basil, mac n’ cheese (one of the most popular behind chicken-bacon-ranch) and many others.

“Jeff definitely brings some unique and special experience to the store,” Pavese said.

Jeff said that even standard styles are made to be the best; sausage and peppers and chicken parm are made with fine ingredients and marinara sauce as opposed to tomato to give them all the flavor of a hero.

Pavese’s also offers deals and daily specials such as two slices and a can of soda for $7 any day of the year. Jeff said they plan to continue the late night tradition; Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights he will stay open until 5 a.m. the following morning.

“There’s not just college kids who are still up and hungry,” Jeff said of his late hours. “Bartenders and doormen who are just getting off a long shift and want to eat should have the option of a good slice.”

Previous store owner, Jordan Schor, owned and operated there from June of 2013 until selling it to Pavese over the summer. It was formerly named Fat Bob’s, until the name was changed to Jordan’s in Oct. 2013. Schor still owns the local French and Italian Fusion restaurant, End Cut, located on Church Street.