From the Managing Editor: An Untimely Goodbye

I didn’t expect to write this reflection now, but life happens and sometimes it takes us in a different direction we didn’t expect it to, which is okay. But let’s face it, goodbyes suck. 

Although my time at The New Paltz Oracle has come to an end, the skills, memories and knowledge I gained will always stay with me as I continue to grow as a student, person and journalist. I’ve been the awkward new girl, the determined copy editor, the struggling page editor and the seemingly calm, but frantic managing editor, which are a lot of roles to take in what seems like a very sped up two years, but it’s something that gives me pride and something that I want to leave knowing that I’ve done well. 

I’ll be frank. No one on this paper who knew me as copy editor or page editor thought I was going to have this position of managing editor, or that I would be next in line for such a respectable and reputable source of news in New Paltz. I’m sure there were many others who thought they’d be the one, but I’d like to think that things, or moments, happen for a reason. I see now that while people have come and gone, I actually got the chance to show others how I could take the wheel by showing how capable I am as a leader and journalist. And well, I did that. 

I’ve profiled local businesses and people, reported on small school events, have written serious news articles and have voiced my opinion in editorials. To think that none of this would have happened because of fear or insecurity of joining in the first place is crazy. So, here we go with the thank yous. 

To those before me, Jack, Mel, Meg, Michael, Anthony, Rob, Jackson and Briana, thank you for always helping me out when I had a question and for acknowledging my presence and work in the newsroom. I hope to be half as talented as you guys one day. 

Rachael Purtell, thank you first and foremost for giving me the courage to join, even though I was a scared, little freshman who didn’t know a thing about journalism. All you knew was that I was interested, and you gave me the chance to talk to Jack so I could get started. Thank you for pushing me to do my best. 

On to the lovely page editors. To the light of my life, Maddy, you know how your presence has impacted me in and outside of the office. You know how much I go through every single week and without you, I most certainly would not have had a wheel to take. You are a beautiful person who I know will always keep these four orange walls up and running. You’re a force of nature and a creative Queen.

Which brings me to my King, King Jake. Jake from State Farm. Jakey-uh. You’ve indulged in me and Maddy’s tea spilling activities and boy, am I glad you did. You’re an InDesign powerhouse, a beautiful person and total sassy sweetheart who I know will take this paper to new heights. I’m here for anything you need, and let’s continue with the late movie nights and Tops runs after you’re done with your kickass editorials. 

Max my dear, you have a wild journalistic fever that I hope never dies. Continue to be a curious, inquisitive go-getter. I can’t wrap my head around how much you’ve improved in your writing and leadership. Please know that the learning never stops. Become the person you know you can be, not the person you think you’re going to have to settle for. Set an example for yourself, and you’ll see where life takes you, I know it’s good stuff.  (P.S. please continue to use “right meow” in your daily speech).

Jimmy, thank you for making me laugh and smile even on days where I’m all over the place and for always taking your work seriously. You’re a big boy with a compassionate soul, a giving heart and an excellent drive for getting shit done. The office will now be at your preferred room temperature.  

To Cloey Callahan and Alicia McGowan, I am so grateful that you two were my copy editors when I was the features editor. I’ve never met people so reliable and talented. Thank you both for being awesome people and friends. 

To the beautiful copy editors, Kelsey Fredricks, Nicole Bressi, Mahnoor Ali, Stephanie Molina, Matt Schenfeld, Matt McDonough, Nikki Donohue, Rachel Muller, Shyana Fisher and Nicole Zanchelli, y’all are so talented and special. I know that being a copy editor can be tiring or seemingly endless or maybe that you’re not fully appreciated. But my God, this paper is yours! You guys pitch the stories, write them and look them over tirelessly every single Wednesday night. Create the content you want to see, execute it well and don’t be afraid to take on more than what’s expected of you. As the saying goes, seek the truth and report it. 

Reflect on your work, on the work of your peers and always raise the bar. You will end up sacrificing a lot more for this paper than any of your classes combined, but you know what? It is so fucking worth it.