Google Day Provides Students With Career Advice

 A job or internship with Google is one of the most sought-after positions in our current culture. Getting this opportunity is hard, as spaces are limited and competition is fierce.

Google is undeniably one of the largest companies in the world. 

Aside from being the search engine that began the online empire, Google’s properties range from YouTube to Android, and the company employs over 60,000 people each year.

 On Saturday, Feb. 9, students were given the chance to learn firsthand what it’s like to work at Google and gain insider knowledge on the application process when Adam Fahrenkopf, a customer solutions engineer at Google, visited campus to share knowledge and experience with students within a wide range of majors and programs.

 Google Day was brought to fruition when the Career Resource Center, the School of Science and Engineering and the SUNY New Paltz student chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery contacted Fahrenkopf and got him to attend.

 “I met Adam about a year ago and at that time we arranged a May 2018 site visit at Google’s NYC location,” said Mark McFadden, director of the Career Resource Center. “Following the site visit, Adam offered to visit the SUNY New Paltz campus to work more closely with our students.”

 The day was filled with informative events and programs, including a networking lunch, small group meetings and various workshops that addressed opportunities at Google. Workshops included “The Google Interview” and “The Google Resume,” and gave students the chance to learn more about the hiring process at Google.

 “[One student] applied for a Google internship and is still waiting to hear if she will be interviewed,” McFadden said. “Adam offered to look at her resume and offer advice on how best to move forward after he has the opportunity to talk with co-workers that started as interns.”

 Other students were able to speak with Fahrenkopf about careers at Google, his experience with the company and what it takes to stand out when applying.

 “You can major in just about anything but what matters is persistence and looking for opportunities that fit your specific skill set,” McFadden said.

 Fahrenkopf is a graduate of SUNY Albany and began working with Google in 2017.

 “Adam was able to provide an overview of how he ended up at Google, current opportunities at Google, how to format and construct a resume, and how to prepare for a technical interview,” McFadden said. “While a good share of his talk was understandably focused on the more technical side of Google, he made it very clear that, as a business with approximately 100,000 employees, there is something for just about every major.”

 Over 50 students attended the event throughout the day. Aside from being a great event for learning more about working for Google, the Google Day was also a priceless networking experience. Some students were able to leave their resumes and contact information with Fahrenkopf.

 “The event seemed to go really well. Attendance was impressive for an event that consumed most of a Saturday afternoon,” McFadden said.

 For more information on the Career Resource Center, their service and upcoming events, visit their website at

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