Greenfield Seeks Green Party Nomination

Steven Greenfield, 56, former two-term member of the New Paltz school board is seeking the Green Party nomination to challenge Rep. John Faso, R-Kinderhook, in the Nov. 6 election.

“My background in economics and travel inform me that all of these issues and interests are interrelated and easily improved,” Greenfield said. “My approach is stepping outside the realm of partisan conflict and speaking solely to efficient solutions.”

Greenfield served on the New Paltz school board in 2008 and 2014. During that time he chaired the Legislative Action, Policy and Facilities Committees, led the fight against standardized testing and was briefly Vice President of the Ulster County School Boards Association.

Greenfield believes his legislative experience sets him apart from other candidates. He also added that he is not influenced by corporate donors or party bosses and told The Daily Freeman, that “no corporate lobbyists will ever set foot in my office.”

Greenfield’s goals include economic rejuvenation through wage increases, direct public employment of those displaced by automation and labor export and fully financed public higher education: things he said “used to be standard in America… until 40 years ago.”

He also believes in universal single-payer public health insurance similar to Medicare,where a single public agency organizes healthcare financing. He also wants to preserve the environment, property and public safety through greenhouse gas reduction by way of revenue-neutral carbon taxes and conversion to zero greenhouse, renewable energy.

Greenfield intends to invest in scientific research on reducing gun violence and drug addiction in public education, from pre-K through undergraduate, and professional or technical education for all. Also he plans to combat racism and other prejudices in policing and the judicial system, including legalizing marijuana and purging the records of all non-violent drug possession convicts.

He also wants to end corruption and improve democracy through publicly financed elections, easing of ballot access for developing parties and ranked choice voting to end both fear of “spoiling” and negative campaigning. Additionally he believes that all federal agencies and private contractors doing business with the federal government should have required standards of sexual and other identity-based harassment response. 

“The United States is on a rapid downhill slide economically, socially, diplomatically and even in terms of public safety, health care and life expectancy,” Greenfield said. “John Faso, should he remain in Congress, will continue voting to accelerate those declines.”

Greenfield is married and has three teenaged daughters who attend public schools in New Paltz. He is also currently on the Executive Board of the American Federation of Musicians, Hudson Valley Local 238-291.

He was born and raised in New York City and moved to New Paltz 17 years ago. He is also an Eagle Scout, has a BA in economics from Columbia College with a subspecialty in the economic impacts of military expenditures, has four years of North American and European travel in the course of his career and has been a volunteer firefighter for over 14 years.

There are also two independent candidates in the 19th District race: former “Law & Order: SVU” actress Diane Neal, who lives in Hurley and Luisa Parker, who lives in Callicoon, Sullivan County.

Seven Democrats are seeking their party’s nomination in the Democratic primary scheduled for June 26 to run against first-term congressman Faso: Jeff Beals of Woodstock, David Clegg of Woodstock, Erin Collier of Cooperstown, Antonio Delgado of Rhinebeck, Brian Flynn of Elka Park, Gareth Rhodes of Kerhonkson and Patrick Ryan of Gardiner.

Greenfield welcomes volunteers and can be reached via or their Facebook page Steve Greenfield for Congress NY-19.