Grimaldi’s Pizza: No Slices, No Problem

No need to wait on line anymore, city kids. Grimaldi’s pizza has come to New Paltz!

Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria opened on Aug. 2 at 119 Main St., joining all the other pizzerias that calm those pizza-craving tummies. Known for its classic coal fired brick-oven pizza, Grimaldi’s is no Fat Bob’s.

With 24 locations nationwide, Grimaldi’s classic, crispy, smoky pizza first cooked beneath the Brooklyn Bridge in 1905 and still stands at that very location attracting New York City residents and curious tourists from all over the world.

Although tasty, the other pizzerias in town are much different than Grimaldi’s.

The co-owner of the New Paltz Grimaldi’s, Adam Monteverde said that aside from their pizza being coal fired brick-oven, they also make their own cheese and only use local produce and fresh local ingredients.

Grimaldi’s has a limited but traditional menu that offers regular and white pizza pies with 20 topping choices, salads, Italian desserts, antipasto and calzones. Unfortunately, Grimaldi’s does not sell by the slice, but their small, classic margarita pies are fresh and bigger than expected.

Aside from the traditional pizzeria menu, the restaurant does offer a $5 burger and french fries special and $5 macaroni with marinara special, perfect for the average college students. Four dollar glasses of wine are also available for the pensive New Paltz students that are 21 and older.

Grimaldi’s does not take reservations or credit cards and does not deliver, but they have the cheapest ATM in town for $1.

Monteverde said that although Grimaldi’s is fancier than other pizzerias in town, he tries to give people what they pay for.

“We want to be just like the neighborhood pizzeria where everybody knows to go for the good, classic pie,” he said.

Although it might not be the perfect pizzeria for sloppy, drunk kids after happy hour, Grimaldi’s is definitely a great, spacious spot with friendly service to go to with your loved ones.

Like their menu, the atmosphere of Grimaldi’s is classy and traditional. Red and white checkered table cloths, a big picture of the New York City skyline at night hanging on the walls neighboring a fancy full-liquor bar, and classic voices like Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday  playing in the background makes Grimaldi’s an expressive family restaurant that truly captures the old-soul of New York City.