Tie-Dye Goodbye: The Groovy Blueberry Closes

Photo courtesy of Emily Clayton

On Nov. 20, a beloved cornerstone store in New Paltz, the Groovy Blueberry, announced its closure via Facebook after 26 years of coloring the community with locally tie-dyed clothing and accessories. The Groovy Blueberry is not closing its doors on a somber note, but one of positive transition, as they eagerly enter retirement and are ready for a new chapter. 

The property owner and owner of the Groovy Blueberry, Elizabeth Cohen, told The Oracle that they are closing because they have an “A-plus tenant moving in” to their shop. They still own the property and will be leasing it to the new tenants, who will be taking over their storefront on Jan. 1. They will be making their own announcements soon. The Groovy Blueberry is “overjoyed” to be welcoming them into their space. 

After a long journey, Cohen stated that they are “happy to retire,” and shared that they are “looking forward to more time for art and music,” as Cohen is also a painter.

The Groovy Blueberry started as a “small, eccentric and affordable boutique,” Cohen said. But the Groovy did not remain a small-town secret. They have sold their line of clothes to large department stores and evolved their store into a haven for artists of all kinds — something that can only happen in a town like New Paltz. 

The Groovy Blueberry’s legacy extends beyond clothing retail, after having hosted concerts for local musicians and bands, as well as being a platform for designers and entrepreneurs throughout the years of the business. Cohen shared that each tie-dyed item in the store is “hand-dyed locally by their friends,” displaying that the store’s success comes greatly from collaboration and their willingness to show local talent. Cohen knows countless “success stories from those who worked at and with the Groovy,” many starting right on the Groovy Blueberry’s lawn. The store played a huge role in fostering a sense of community and creativity in New Paltz, contributing greatly to the town’s creative energy and colorful aesthetic. 

Following the shop’s post to announce its closing and express the team’s gratitude for customers and supporters on Facebook, the comment section has been filled with heartfelt messages from both locals and frequent visitors. Each message creates a collective sentiment of bittersweet farewell, as many stated how much the Groovy Blueberry will be missed.

The Groovy Blueberry offered a huge final sale of 50% off of their merchandise from Nov. 24 to Nov. 26, but extended the sale through the week, attracting New Paltz citizens, SUNY students and travelers eager to get one last look, or wanting to own a uniquely tie-dyed piece – or another – from the store and contribute to their final chapter coming to an end.

The vibrant colors of art and music and the spirit of creativity and collaboration cultivated by the Groovy Blueberry will continue to resonate in our town, as its graceful goodbye is a testament to the artistic soul it infused into the heart of New Paltz.