Halloween is more than just a fun, spooky romp with your friends; the planets have a lot in store for us all. With three planets in Scorpio and a solar eclipse coinciding with the Halloween season, it’s important to know how to proceed in this dramatic time.

Find your sign and look at what Halloween season has in store for you. 

Aries: This Halloween, introspection will be your best friend. You might find yourself stuck in your head, reflecting upon the hidden parts of yourself that you’re afraid to show. You’re hurting, Aries. But now is a better time than ever to start to heal. Your head is an important place to reside in once you find a way to be comfortable with the discomfort. You’re in a period of keen communication with yourself and others– make sure you’re connecting with loved ones as you connect with yourself.

Taurus: Are you sacrificing yourself to service others? Are you surrounded by people, but still feel lonely? You need to foster a sense of comfort within yourself to feel comforted by the people around you. You’re allowed to assert your own needs and create boundaries. Additionally, look for job opportunities that might satisfy you more in life. Make your life as luxurious as you can. You have endless capabilities for love and happiness. You just have to make sure you don’t forget about yourself in your love for others.

Gemini: It’s time to reinvent your daily routine. You feel claustrophobic in your everyday surroundings, even within yourself. You don’t have to take care of everyone around you and fix the world; it’s a hopeless pursuit. Connect with your intellectual curiosities and immerse yourself in what truly fascinates you instead of what makes you stir-crazy. You’re overflowing with energy and you need to act. Follow your passions. Break free.

Cancer: It’s okay to be a homebody sometimes. For you, it could be healing to stay in. Rest and recharge. Explore creative outlets to express your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be careful with how you communicate with others, as well. You can revel in introversion, but do not be selfish in your pursuit of rest. Stay away from self-loathing and forgive yourself.

Leo: You feel things so deeply, it’s almost tragic. Your standards for yourself are viciously high and you’re always looking for someone else to be proud of you. Why can’t you be proud of yourself? The weight of the world is not on your shoulders, even though it feels like it. Spend time with your family if they heal you, or create your own family if they don’t. You don’t always have to prove yourself.

Virgo: Take your love of organization and orderliness and create a plan for your week that will leave you excited and invigorated. It’s a good time to throw yourself into your work or school assignments. You might be frustrated with yourself, thinking you’re not excelling in career and school the way you want to, but be patient. Let yourself have fun! It’s Halloween!

Libra: Make a Halloween playlist and throw a party. Get dressed up and connect with your inner child. It’s your night to be the star of the show. Sure, you might be feeling discouraged by the unexpected events that may be shaking up your day-to-day life. But you see so much beauty in the world, and that beauty is still there. One day, out of any day, try to forget what haunts you.

Scorpio: You’re finding yourself stuck in an identity crisis. You’ve been feeling like you’re losing yourself recently and you’re desperate to get it back. You’re perceptive and intuitive enough to understand when you’re slipping, and you don’t have to slip any longer. You’re a stubborn creature, but your fear of change is sabotaging you more than ever. Find your needs and fulfill them. It’s more possible than you think. 

Sagittarius: You may be noticing some issues in your interpersonal relationships, where commitment seems even harder to accomplish and you realize you’re creating a distance from yourself and the world. You need to get to the root of your needs and practice self-awareness. The problems that may be coming up in your daily life, or the problems from your past that you may be ruminating on, are there to help you find solutions. You have the power to find a way out. In struggle, you learn to understand your own necessities.

Capricorn: Halloween is your time to indulge. You’ve been more restless within your day-to-day and more rattled by work. Now’s the time to let yourself loose. Surround yourself with your friends. Don’t betray the values you hold dear, but know that you’re still allowed to have fun. There’s success in letting yourself goof off, just as there’s success in work and business. You have a lot of your dreams at your fingertips and it’s time to reach out.

Aquarius: Are you scared of the future? It’s starting to become harder to hide your emotions and you carry so much shame for that. You don’t have to stay in hiding. The future is scary for all of us, and it’s easy to have doubts. But you have so much success within you. Your own shame prevents you from seeing that. The unpredictability in your life is starting to become unbearable. But can you find home in that unpredictability? Can you embrace the ups and downs? Through them, you’re living life in the fullest way that anyone can.

Pisces: Your life is beginning to expand. New opportunities and ventures are coming your way. Your imagination is powerful right now. It may be a good time to look into travel or studying abroad. Embrace yourself in this moment. Your head has always been in the clouds, but through this, you have also always had the ability to reach the heavens. Pay attention to karma as well– what goes around is bound to come back around. Act accordingly.

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