Hamsters of New Paltz

About two weeks ago, I was thrown into the world of motherhood with the adoption of my pet hamster. As I walked out of the automatic doors of the Poughkeepsie Petco with my dwarf hamster in hand, my new motherly glow was lighting up the night sky. When I walked through the front door of my apartment, my roommates and I welcomed our newest tenant: Lady Hamlet. 

About Lady Hamlet: 

Lady Hamlet, Lady for short, is a white dwarf hamster with one thin grey line that starts at the crown of her head, runs down her back and ends at her tiny white nub-of-a-tail. Feeling her soft coat in your hands is enough to let you forget that she’s probably nibbling on your fingers, rings or sweater sleeves. 

Lady Hamlet’s Pastimes: 

Lady enjoys spending most of her days sleeping between the white cotton pieces of her bedding next to a small bowl of food. Every so often she’ll wake up for a snack— more often than not, judging by her newly found chunkiness. Because hamsters are nocturnal animals, she likes to spend most nights keeping me up by running around her hamster wheel or scaling the sides of her cage.