Hawks Honored By SUNYAC

After completing their 2011 season, three of New Paltz’s Women’s Tennis players were selected to two 2011 All-State SUNYAC teams.

Captain Kayla DiPaulo and first-year Devin Tracy gained first-team honors at No. 2 doubles and third-year Paige Munroe was a first-team selection at third singles.  DiPaulo also earned a spot as a second-team choice at second singles.

“A lot of work both on the courts and in the gym has to come together at the right time to have our athletes in peak condition and fully confident with their game,” Head Coach Robert Bruley said.

The girls ultimately fell 1-5 to SUNY Geneseo in the conference final on Oct. 9 after besting SUNY Oswego and SUNY Oneonta in the quarterfinals and semifinals respectively.

“Geneseo is a very strong and deep team but we pushed and challenged them all the way,” Bruley said.  “I was very pleased at the way the season ended. We gave everything we had in the conference final, especially Kayla and Devin’s doubles match, beating a very strong senior lead doubles team who had not lost all semester.”

Doubles team DiPaulo and Tracy went 9-3 overall this season and 3-0 at SUNYACs.  DiPaulo praised Tracy’s killer serve and lively attitude, while Tracy looked to her captain for encouragement.

“Without her I wouldn’t be All-SUNYAC,” Tracy said of DiPaulo. “Kayla is a great captain. She always thinks of the team first and that’s exactly what a great leader should do.”

DiPaulo, attributes the team’s success this season to their positive attitude and a grueling practice schedule.  The girls met for sprint and agility training each week day on top of five-hour practices during preseason and regular season practices for up to two hours each.

“We all worked super hard this semester in terms of our agility and tennis game,” DiPaulo said.  “It was just really great to see it pay off.”

Tracy didn’t think she’d see success of this kind so early in her time at New Paltz.

“It feels amazing to be named all-SUNYAC as a freshman.  I was not expecting to achieve this so early in my career as a Hawk,” said Tracy.  “I’m extremely honored.”

Tracy hopes to be a strong contributor to the team’s singles lineup next semester by continuing to work on her consistency with Bruley. Bruley cited hard work for the team’s success and expressed appreciation for the positive attention their efforts have bought.

“They have brought a positive spotlight to the program and are a reward for all-round hard work by the team as a whole,” Bruley said.

The Hawks will begin practicing again early next semester for the spring season.  Unlike some schools that have indoor facilities, the team will not have access to courts until the weather thaws out their usual practice space.

While DiPaulo hopes for an upset over Geneseo next fall, Bruley is looking to bring in new players to challenge the current team and prevent complacency.

“We lose Juliette Brandon and Ingrid Maryansky,” said Bruley. “I would like to bring in four to six strong freshmen to challenge the current team and to not only solidify our position in the Northeast, but as always to achieve our ultimate goal of first winning the SUNYAC championship, then representing the conference at the NCAA National Championships in May.”