Hitting The Books: Reflection On Anger As A Political Tool: A Jewish Journey Through The LGBTQ

Who is the Author? 

Peri Rainbow, Adjunct Faculty for Women Studies/ Educational Studies


What is the title?

“Reflection on Anger as a Political Tool: A Jewish Journey Through the LGBTQ Struggle”


Publication date? 

September 2012


What is the subject? 


The article actually started out talking about transformations at mid-life and an examination for me of how I find myself fighting for what I believe is right, so much so that I realized I was getting physically ill from fighting all the time. Even though what I was fighting about was righteous, it was not serving me well and alienating people because I was so demanding. It was that kind of self-reflection.



How long did you work on this?


It morphed. It was one article that I submitted to a book and they rejected it, so a person who publishes Jewish currents liked it and I started working with him. It took me a couple of months to write it and probably four months of just working with the publisher after that.



What makes this unique? 


Part of the uniqueness is that I bring in this multicultural component to who I am. I talk about my Judaism and I talk about my lesbianism. As a feminist “the personal is political” is true for every part of my life and that makes me a different kind of writer and educator because I write it I don’t just think about it.