Horoscopes: Week of April 27

Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus from April 21 to May 14. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Aries: Resist the urge of hubris. Pride cannot always save you. You are isolating yourself in your stubbornness and your one-track minded determination. Pursue your goals without isolating yourself. Can others aid you at this moment? Can you learn to interact with them without creating tension? You have a great ability to succeed. Don’t ruin it for yourself.

Taurus: You’re searching for footing on shaky ground. You don’t know whether you’re fulfilled or empty. Take plenty of time to reflect. Your instinct is to rest, to recharge for yourself, but the thought of that scares you. Unfortunately, it’s necessary. Remember who you are. Remember what you want and align with it.

Gemini: Now is a time of shedding the past. You are being forced to reflect upon yourself and your life and it’s overwhelming. You need to realize all of the ways you hinder your own progress. The hard part is finding a new way to live, without the habits that once guided your life. All of the difficulty, confusion and fear of this moment will have a resolution. You just have to hold yourself accountable.

Cancer: You may be feeling vulnerable, but this vulnerability can be a wonderful thing. Use it to your advantage. Express yourself wholeheartedly with your social circle. Tell the people you love that you care for them. Care for yourself, too. Be prepared for plenty of miscommunications and do not run away from them. You have to confront what scares you in order to settle down. Come home to yourself.

Leo: Your life feels dizzying. You’re caught in a power struggle, and you feel like you’re losing. An environment where you are constantly fighting to defend yourself is not worth it. What are your options? Are you willing to change the routine you’re used to? It’s intimidating, but there’s too many possibilities you’ve yet to explore. Do not be deceived by the comfort of a familiar harm.

Virgo: Don’t let your own beliefs sabotage you. You don’t have to preach and you don’t have to fix people. Is there something within yourself that you’re ignoring? Perhaps you don’t truly understand what you want and what you think. There’s nothing shameful about that. Take a step back. Instead of projecting onto others, sit with yourself and make sure you know who you are.

Libra: You’re losing control. Conflicts can no longer be brushed under the rug. Everything is coming to light and you’re being cornered into a dark place. You’re too concerned with the feelings of others. Find balance in this moment. Remove yourself from conflict, evaluate things on your own and come back together to solve them. Talk about what scares you most. Oftentimes, these are the things that need to be talked about most.

Scorpio: Your aspirations don’t align with what has been traditionally asked of you. Usually, you don’t mind breaking out of these standards. Now, though, there’s tension. There’s the guilt of making the wrong decision. Remember that you have every right to express your desires. The rules of tradition are not always correct. If tension arises when you create your own path, then try to communicate your perspective clearly. If this strife cannot be solved, then walk away.

Sagittarius: The future is terrifying. You’re worn down by life, tired of all of the energy you expend just thinking about what’s coming next. You need to cry it out. You need to feel everything terrible that you feel. Reorganize your routine in order to get through this. Make small changes in your life that usher in the new period ahead of you. All of this will be over soon. 

Capricorn: Your creative drive is dwindling. You’re burnt out, but you’re forcing yourself to continue your work at the same pace. This will only make things worse in the end. Lay low instead. Ground yourself in your relationships. Implement time in your schedule to embrace the joy of life. When you were a child, how did you express yourself? Use that to reignite your flame.

Aquarius: Unhappiness is creeping up on you. You have so much to be grateful for, but all of that feels dull. You want to run home and be cared for like a child again. You’re deeply vulnerable, yet you feel the need to hide this. You think it’s better to disregard it. That’s impossible right now. Ask for a hug. It’s okay to be weak. 

Pisces: You find it almost impossible to articulate yourself. You’re caught between reality and the world in your head. It’s frustrating, but lashing out only makes these issues worse; it’s best to disengage. Don’t make your situation worse by getting too defensive. Interrogate yourself for a moment and explore your own mind and heart. Then, the external will naturally sort itself out.

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