Horoscopes: Week of March 2

The month begins with the moon in the sensitive and empathetic Cancer. Photo courtesy of David Williams/Getty Images.

Aries: You’re losing focus and your momentum is slowing down. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing; every candle has to burn out, lest it melt away. What matters is using this resting period for your ultimate benefit. Acknowledge that this break is temporary and must be cherished while you have it. Don’t push yourself past your limits, even though you want to.

Taurus: It’s important that you do your best to stay clear-headed. This is, of course, easier said than done. Your life is undergoing important changes. Every realization and every surprise holds power. Stay motivated, but do not be rash. Remember the people who are in your corner. There is always an escape waiting if you need it.

Gemini: Your priorities are starting to become scrambled. You’re also prone to more doubts. What matters most to you, intellectually and emotionally? Make sure you’re able to clearly articulate that. Your words give you direction and bring you closer to what you want, but they’re useless if you can’t make sense of your own head. Return to yourself, reflect, and try to rekindle your excitement.

Cancer: Discouragement overwhelms you. You want more from your life, and you deserve more. It seems too difficult to come by. Don’t let yourself wallow. You still have every ability to achieve more. Setbacks are not the end of your world. Break these patterns of self-destruction and learn to both feel and move beyond difficult emotions. Your life can be so much brighter.

Leo: You’re able and willing to confront yourself. You are finally starting to realize how loved you are, but you aren’t yet ready to see your own power. Someone as adored, capable and accomplished as you is not a weak person. Where does your belief in your weakness stem from? Take advantage of the peace in your life right now to find peace in yourself.

Virgo: You feel more motivated to seek out connections. You have a greater appreciation for all of your relationships. You don’t want to be alone anymore, and that can be a terrifying thing. Be careful of deceit. You are a wonderful person that not everyone is deserving of. It’s nigh impossible to balance a healthy amount of trust with a healthy amount of caution, but you can’t be isolated any longer.

Libra: You need to devote your life to your health and mental wellbeing. You matter most, out of anyone and anything else in your world. It’s more important than ever to take care of yourself, to organize your life and create a routine that feels right. Don’t erase yourself by absorbing yourself in the concerns of others. Give yourself the center stage. Don’t be the background character.

Scorpio: Follow your passions without shame or fear of rejection. You are meant to live life for no one but yourself. What territories have you always wanted to explore, but always been too afraid to? Learn to cherish your own company the way others cherish yours. The life you want to live requires endless hard work and determination, but don’t you feel more motivated than ever to invest in it?

Sagittarius: You’re wrapped up in homesickness. You’re looking at the idea of “home” with rose-colored glasses, but all you want is to feel safe. You’re prone to thinking with your emotions instead of your logic. You’re going to break your own heart. As difficult as it is, you need to feel both homesickness and resentment for your home. You were loved in the place you called home and you were hurt. Both can exist at once.

Capricorn: You have more of a childlike lightness to you right now. You’re balancing maturity with innocence, and you have an eager need to connect and communicate. While you’re motivated in your work, you’re also more devoted to your free time and your enjoyment of life. That’s a monumental feat. Don’t forget that you’re allowed to take a step back for a second.

Aquarius: You want to materialize your bigger life plans more than ever. You’re looking for work, looking to budget, and desperately looking to make sure you can get what you want. You have good luck with this right now. You’re able to negotiate and articulate yourself. Be wary of false possibilities in all aspects of life. Not everything is hopeless, but not everything is guaranteed, either.

Pisces: While your head is often in the clouds, you find yourself closer to being grounded. It’s important that you use this alertness to be reflective. It’s hard for you to look at yourself with a clear mind. How can you work to break down the illusions you’ve built for yourself? Trust your intuition now, more than ever. Deep down, you know the difference between intuition and fear. Don’t use any more excuses.

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