Horoscopes: Week of March 30

Pluto’s transit in Aquarius will be revolutionary. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Aries: Get your hands dirty. So much has been leading up to this moment. It’s rare that the world gives you such a drive for so many different reasons. You’re meant to pursue your desires. In doing so, you reinvent yourself. Think about the future and the life you want to wake up to. How can you start cementing that future now? You’re desperate for power. Prove to yourself that you’ve always had it.

Taurus: Nothing is turning out as expected. Each of the changes and upsets in your life have been directing you inwards, forcing you to focus on what you think you deserve. By now, you know you deserve more. Don’t fight these conflicts, though. Spend time with yourself and maintain a sense of calm. Protect your own energy before anything else. The connections you make and the connections you maintain during this period are going to change your life.

Gemini: Your social circle is expanding faster than you can keep up. Your mind is being opened to new possibilities and new beliefs that feel life-changing. Life feels invigorating and you feel closer than ever to your goals. However, beware of naivety. As you embrace these new connections, do not forget the loved ones you already have. Remember to connect with yourself as you connect with the world. 

Cancer: Asserting yourself has always been difficult for you, but you’re being called to stand your ground and stay firm in your beliefs. This may be causing strife. It’s time to dispose of the people who show you hostility when you show them your growing sense of self-respect. You can no longer let yourself be held back by the world and the people in it. Your dreams are worthy of being realized. 

Leo: As your world grows, expand your unconscious alongside it. You might find yourself restless, stuck inside of your head, but it’s a necessary place to be. Your values may be changing dramatically and you’re being drawn to avenues you’ve never explored before. Embrace what’s unexpected. Conflict is necessary for growth. Abandon your ego.

Virgo: Reclaim your power. You deserve to have a sense of command over your life. In the struggles that come up, the worst thing you can do for yourself is let yourself lose. Be critical of how you perceive the world, too; delusion is more common than you think. Reality may be harsher than you’d like, but denying it will only make you weaker. 

Libra: Your relationships are intense and all-consuming. It is fantastic and it is unbearable. You have to center yourself, no matter how wrong it may feel. Your needs deserve just as much priority as others’. Focus on your personal goals. What do you want for your career? How would you like to enrich your private life? If you never learn to exist within yourself, you never learn to exist at all.

Scorpio: Your concentration is heightened. You’re being recognized for your contributions and it’s giving you a sort of high. As a result, you put all of yourself into your work and into helping others. You have the choice to make this a good thing or a bad thing. You could distance yourself from your loved ones and disengage from self-care, or you could find a balance. The latter is much harder, but you make life greater when you stay present.

Sagittarius: A hedonistic side of you wants to come out. You’re chasing after things that you usually don’t pursue. Is this healthy? What you want is not always what you need. What you must fill is the hole in your heart that is desperate for safety. What truly brings you closer to comfort? Focus on that before anything else.

Capricorn: You’re focused on creating stability. You crave a sense of control of your life. You want a sense of family. You want material comfort. You’re frantic to plant your roots. Don’t neglect freedom and spontaneity in the process. You are still young. You don’t have to have it all figured out.

Aquarius: Every cell in your body is renewing itself. This is uncomfortable and it feels wrong. Sometimes, in tragedy, there is necessary growth. Even though it may be impossible to believe right now, you are becoming a version of yourself that is closer to who you’re meant to be. It is vital to avoid overinvesting yourself in external matters. You, and only you, matter.

Pisces: Break through the illusions that you hold about yourself. Confront every part of yourself that you don’t want to acknowledge. How can you bring what is hidden to the surface? This is an intense process. Find ways to cope with the intensity without backing down. You cannot change the past, but you can radically change how it affects you in the present. 

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