Aries: You’re craving excitement and you don’t know where to find it. Your work and relationship situation may feel fragile or explosive. You’re not sure where to turn and you’re starting to take it out on yourself. You are not your enemy. In fact, throughout these hardships, you might be your only friend. Don’t sabotage yourself. Every hard moment will end.

Taurus: You’re busy beyond belief, but all of that is for a good reason. Your hard work is paying off and you’re starting to reap the rewards of it. You may be having a crisis of confidence, but have faith; you are not a failure. Make sure you don’t isolate yourself. No matter how anx- ious you are, you have every capability of productivity and success.

Gemini: You’re working so hard that you’re forgetting to breathe. Once your to-do list is finally all checked off, make sure you emphasize self-care. Remember the little things in your life. Put meaning within the mystical, or place value in the pure fun. There’s more to life than work. Think of yourself before anything else.

Cancer: Issues with your friendships and reputation may be arising. Interpersonal conflict seems to pop up more and more. The end results of these conflicts are meant to happen. You’ll realize the value in these upsets soon. Make sure you express your emotions in a healthy way. Stay optimistic and look towards the future.

Leo: It’s time to take charge. You’re finally being seen by the people that you’ve always wanted to be seen

and loved by. Lean into that and embrace all of your strengths. Sudden career opportunities may be popping up as well, but make sure you consider them carefully in- stead of jumping into them. Know that you deserve every opportunity coming your way. You worked hard for this.

Virgo: You’re having a crisis of faith. Your most integral beliefs are being called into question. Your ego is becom- ing shaky as a result. The core parts of yourself feel like they’re changing. In this instability, find a revelation. With the aid of introspection, you’ll find that you’re not losing yourself but blossoming into a better version of it. Your chrysalis is hatching. Let yourself burst!

Libra: You may find yourself dwelling on grief. People are leaning on you, but you can barely lean on yourself. You’ve come so far in your life, reached so many heights, but think- ing about the lows of your life can feel overwhelming. Don’t push yourself. Meet yourself where you are. The hurt you’ve experienced has changed you, but never broken you.

Scorpio: You’re trying to push yourself as hard as humanly possible, even if it’s killing you in the process. Problems are arising in your relationships and you’re throwing yourself into every distraction possible to cope. You can’t avoid the intensity of emotion forever. It’s okay to break down.

You’re breaking under your own pressure and you need to let it all out. Trust that what you are feeling will bring you clarity, once you let yourself feel it.

Sagittarius: You’re in a state of dissonance. You feel like your life is the opposite of what you wanted from it. You’re hiding within yourself, becoming more depressed as you ru- minate more and more. Rumination is useless. You need to take charge. If you need alone time, spend it taking care of yourself instead of tearing yourself down. The life you want is not impossible to achieve.

Capricorn: You’re becoming keenly aware of what’s miss- ing from your life. You’re lucky, because you have every- thing you need by your side. You have to express all of the love bundled within you. You need to dive into creativity. Don’t let any roadblocks in this pursuit hold you back. Try again, and again and again.

Aquarius: You’re desperate for security. Everything in your life feels shaky and terrifying. All you want is to be wrapped in a safety blanket. Your ideas of what home is are crumbling, and where can you go? Things feel like they’re falling apart. Trying to turn off your emotions will only push the hurt off. You have to decide whether you want to be re- sponsible for your emotions, or to run and hide like always.

Pisces: The ending of a good thing isn’t easy. Your dreams may keep you in the dark, but you need to wake up to your own surroundings and understand what’s happening. The losses and delays you may be experiencing are frustrating, but try to use it to explore yourself and what you want from life. Be kind to yourself during this difficult period. 

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