September Horoscopes

The September 29 Full Harvest moon will be in the sign of Aries. Photo courtesy of Sky at Night Magazine.

Aries: You’re caught in a push-pull between your partnerships and your need for self-preservation. Your head feels scrambled and, above all, you’re tired. You need to retreat in order to fully enjoy what’s around you. You need a long break, and if you aren’t given one, you have to fight for one. Feeling what you feel and resting with yourself is the only way you can reset and recuperate. Don’t be afraid to be alone. Don’t be too proud to ask for space.

Taurus: You can’t quite make sense of your circumstances right now. Your self-image is shifting rapidly, your relationships feel both filling and unfulfilling and you feel like you’re thriving and spiraling at the same time. Things don’t have to be black and white. The stubborn part of you wants to have everything figured out and everything simple, but unfortunately, that can’t be life. Experience everything that’s shifting and accept it. Struggle through hardships while embracing all of the goodness wholeheartedly. 

Gemini: Your natural charm is in full bloom. Creative and career opportunities are popping up endlessly. Don’t miss out on all the good coming towards you. That means don’t lean too far into hedonism too — sometimes minor sacrifices have to be made in order to reach your highest goals. Enjoy your time and your relationships as you enjoy the more difficult, more rewarding ventures coming your way. Embrace luck.

Cancer: Who are you when you’re separated from home? Who are you when home is the opposite of what it should be? Ask yourself these questions as you deal with the emotional or physical separation of home right now. It’s not your natural inclination to expand beyond the familiarity of home and family; you cling too tightly to what may not even exist. There’s more to life than how you grew up. As much as you don’t want to, sooner or later, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Leo: While exciting things are happening in terms of relationships and passions, you find yourself getting more and more insecure. You’re doubting yourself and your abilities, worried about pursuing your dreams for fear of failure. You need to redefine what “failure” is to you. The opportunity alone is a success. What’s coming your way is coming because of your talents. There’s no way to fail because of that. Shift your expectations and be kinder to yourself.

Virgo: From the outside looking in, things seem perfect. You’re successful, venturing into the unknown and you feel like you should be happy. Not everything needs to feel as good as it may seem. There’s a massive rockiness in your life right now, like you can never be sure what to expect next. Everything must be broken before it can be rebuilt. This rockiness will be short-lived. Remember that there is something to learn from every regret. Believe it or not, it’s okay to fail.

Libra: All eyes are on you. It feels like you’re attracting so much goodness and opportunity, but you can’t help but feel emotionally disconnected from it. It doesn’t feel like anything in life is happening at all. All of the attention you’re receiving only makes you feel worse. Deep down, you’re exhausted. You’re sick of how things are and how things feel bound to be. What’s most important right now is rest. Don’t worry about change yet. Take care of yourself. You haven’t done that in so long.

Scorpio: You’re shrouding a part of yourself and your life right now. Sometimes, that’s necessary. You find restfulness in brooding, but you still tend to let that block out the light. Things aren’t easy right now, but you’re still allowed to let love and kindness in. You have so many gifts and so many people who would do anything for you. They gravitate towards you for a reason. No matter what, there’s more to life than solitude and sadness.

Sagittarius: You feel tightly bound by your surroundings and daily routine. Something feels wrong. It feels as though you could be doing so much more, living with so much more intensity, but something is sub-

duing you. You feel as though you can barely hear your own voice. Identify what is restricting you and reject it. Not feeling like yourself is okay, if it leads to becoming who you want to be. You can do better than your normal day-to-day. You deserve the thrill of the unknown.

Capricorn: Use your words and writing to advance your life right now. You have a wealth of intelligent ideas waiting to be shared. You’re focused on your work and career right now, taking risks and throwing all your time and energy into your job and classes. This can be a fantastic thing. In fact, it’s encouraged, especially in terms of networking. You’re in luck. Make connections and apply for promotions. Just don’t neglect your emotions as a result.

Aquarius: Your life is expanding. Seize it at every opportunity. While you’re prone to being a homebody, now is the time to break that impulse and take the risk. Do more when you want to do less. Go out when you want to stay home. You’re surrounded by positive social, emotional and spiritual opportunities and you are worthy of it all. The ideas coming into your mind right now are there for a reason. Harness creativity and motivation and make yourself proud.

Pisces: You have to pay attention to your identity crises. You can’t ignore then try to run on empty. You’re naturally skilled in self-exploration and this shakiness of identity is the perfect chance to hone in on that. You want something so much deeper from life right now, so go deep into yourself. Reconnect with your values, goals, insecurities and what you consider to be fundamental about yourself. You might find that you have to let go of some pieces of identity in order to focus on who you’re meant to be. That’s okay.

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