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Aries: You’re being attracted to danger and the things you know you shouldn’t do. What about it is so enticing? Irresponsibility and risk feel like your only tickets to freedom. You’ll never be free if you put yourself in situations that leave you trapped, far away from where you belong. You’re burying yourself in other people and forgetting who you even are. Return to your values. You are not your own enemy.

Taurus: Examining your inner world feels more productive than usual. You’re interrogating yourself, your desires and your fears. Of course, this isn’t easy, but good things are coming out of it. You have to sit with yourself and all of the pain so that you can flourish. At the moment, it might not feel worth it, but life has a way of surprising you. Somehow, someday, it’ll all work out. In the meantime, you have to put in the effort to get there. Know that your loved ones are proud.

Gemini: Tread carefully. The entire fabric of your life is undergoing a long series of changes. Some of these may be wonderful, while others will be devastating. It’s vital that you take care of your health right now. All hands need to be on deck in terms of self-care and self-compassion. Conflicts such as home versus career, partnerships versus self and work versus health are coming up more and more. This is a scary beginning to what will become a series of necessary transformations.

Leo: Your work ethic is rapidly shifting as you finally take the steps to pursue what you’ve always wanted. You find yourself imbued with a new drive to deal with your biggest issues while broadening your future at the same time. For an endeavor as great as this, it won’t come easy. Frustrations are everyday occurrences. What’s important is expressing those frustrations without lashing out at the people you love. Everyone is in your corner right now. Create a balance between your internal and external.

Virgo: Embrace self-love and happiness, and use it to drive you. As you do, pay attention to your boundaries. Don’t let people cross yours and don’t cross others’. The legacies of your life, your self-image and your relationships are catching up to you. Deal with it all carefully, as though it were a business deal to carefully review. This is not the time to stay stagnant and focus on only good feelings; it is the time to savor goodness as you use it to push you towards a new future. 

Libra: You’re ready to make new commitments and break free of both your own and others’ expectations. Who you are and how you’re expressing yourself is fundamentally changing, and it’s been a long time coming. Now is the time to emerge from all of the chaos of life and reinvent your surroundings. At the same time, you have to focus on creating balance. Do what makes you uncomfortable to be comfortable down the road. 

Scorpio: Despite it all, you’re surviving. All that’s happening in your life feels too unbelievable to be real, putting you in a dissociative state. You’re withdrawing from life and from people you love, because to face another human is to face all that is hurting you. You need to play the tricky game of searching for equilibrium. Your self-care and your alone time are necessary right now, but so is tackling the external. There’s something that keeps you waking up each morning. Hold onto that. 

Sagittarius: You’re loud with your emotions and you feel bigger than your body. All that you’ve hidden is being pushed to the surface. How can you act in a way that ensures the best results? How can you fulfill your own personal interests while still being mindful of the people around you? Think through each decision carefully. Be in tune with yourself and your body so that you can channel all of your feelings into something good.

Capricorn: It’s impossible not to be stuck in your head right now. Your self-esteem is dwindling and nothing seems like a powerful enough distraction. Do the scariest thing you can do: confront your own reflection. Find comfort in the living, tangible things around you instead of the things that exhaust you. The wreckage of your self-image will soon be repaired and be stronger than ever. Endure through the hardships to reap the rewards.

Aquarius: You’re honing your focus onto what you know is right, and you don’t care if others disagree. As people object to your goals and work ethic, you have to control your anger. It’s tempting to lash out, but it’s important to stay calm. Don’t ruin the people around you for your own interests. That will only turn your future bitter. Stay focused and determined in achieving everything you want to achieve. Attack what scares you without attacking what loves you.

Pisces: The people that you need in your life are revealing themselves. The ones who do not deserve to be in it. As your social circle refines itself, your sense of self does, too. Other people cannot be your mirror and independence is still a necessity, but it’s healthy to reflect the people who align with your higher purpose. You need to take advantage of this alignment and expand your life. Try new things and pursue new endeavors. Just make sure you aren’t becoming a reflection of the people you never should have met. 

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