photo courtesy of NASA

Aries: You’re dealing with a clash of interests. You’ve been feeling more bold and determined than usual, but something (or someone) is looming over you and it’s noticeably affecting this newfound passion. You’ve been emotional, but not in a fiery way. Don’t lose yourself as you try to overcome this obstacle and don’t be hard on yourself either. In the end, you’ll know what to do. Your mind is set on something. Follow through with patience and you will triumph.

Taurus: You’ve been busy. Between academics, extracurriculars and personal matters, you’re putting a lot of work into several different areas of your life and you’re feeling the pressure. The new year looms over you with a fresh set of uncertainties and things to worry about, but you need to let the unknown guide you rather than lose yourself. Don’t let your imagination get the best of you. A lot could go wrong, but more will go right.

Gemini: Take a deep breath and say, “I deserve the good in my life.” Things are really looking up for you, even if it doesn’t seem obvious yet and you’re slowly letting yourself lean into it. Soon, you will bask in the happiness and success you’ve seeked for so long. For now, enjoy the return of your faith and trust and remember the healing that has brought you to where you are now.

Cancer: An emotional period of your life has (finally and painfully) come to an end. The pain will linger, but what’s done is done. The hardest part is over and a new cycle will begin, one with better things in store. Focus on doing what you love and take care of yourself. You will quickly realize that despite feeling so deeply, you’re still much stronger than you give yourself credit for. A delightful future is in store for you, so don’t be consumed by the temporary angst you feel now.

Leo: You’re jumping into something that you haven’t done enough thinking about. Take these sudden pangs of uncertainty as a time to pause and reflect. There’s nothing wrong with being stagnant, as long as you’re using this period to determine how you will move forward. There were some things that you shouldn’t have ignored or pushed off for later, but what matters now is that you acknowledge it and slow yourself down. The future is not something you can ignore.

Virgo: You’ve worked hard to accumulate something and it’s now in your possession. You feel accomplished, but you’re getting cocky. Keep what you love close, but not too close. To guarantee that you maintain what you’ve worked for, practice some self-discipline and don’t get ahead of yourself. Consider tapping into your feminine energy as well. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about earning what you’ve desired, but you must maintain a balance of your energies and emotions.

Libra: You’ve been by yourself lately and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re doing some introspection and getting to know yourself better. You enjoy your moments of solitude and it feels refreshing. You’ve mastered allowing yourself to be okay with being alone. Soon, you will meet someone who will inspire and energize you. They’ll be determined to help you in this self-reflective journey and you’ll be pleasantly surprised about what they’ll bring into your life.

Scorpio: You’re juggling several things in your life that are very important to you and you need to take a step back rather than trying to master them all. You won’t. Figure out a schedule, focus on communicating and don’t overwhelm yourself. Being busy is fine until you’re too busy for those who are the most significant in your life. Get your ducks in a row and you’ll find that it wasn’t that difficult. Take the time to organize yourself now so you can spend time with others later.

Sagittarius: You’re dealing with a rough transitional period. You’ve left something behind and you know it’s for the better, but it’s not easy. Problems with people in your life have been popping up again and again. Don’t waste your time getting into bitter quarrels. Leaving is never easy, but you know what you can and can’t handle. Come back when tempers have simmered and try again. Remember that leaving doesn’t mean you can’t return.

Capricorn: You feel isolated. Recent events haven’t played out the way you hoped they would and it’s disturbing your peace. You don’t know where to go from here and situations get more uncertain by the day. Even as you deal with these issues, you stand tall. You’re still going about your day as normal and that alone is not only commendable, but a testament to your strength. You’re nearing the end of this strange period. Don’t lose hope now.

Aquarius: There’s trouble in your relationships. You’re acting without thinking of the consequences or implications and it’s causing a stir among your friends. Re-evaluate your methods of decision-making and start considering how your actions affect the people around you. You’re losing touch with the people in your life and you can feel them talking about you. It’s up to you to restore harmony in your social environments.

Pisces: Aquarius should take notes from you. You feel at peace with your relationships, emotions and future. Hope and optimism shines from you and those closest to you can feel the radiance of your well-deserved warmth. You’ve put in a lot of effort to get here. Don’t forget that. Feel all the good things and be dramatic. With this balance, you’ll notice new strengths and desires. Let these motivate you to keep striving for your wellness.