This weeks horoscopes!
This week's horoscopes!

Aries: Tensions in your social circle are boiling over for a reason. What and who you lose is something that has been restricting your life in ways you never realized. It’s also forcing you into a place of introspection and loneliness. That, too, is okay. Sometimes, solitude leads to the greatest revelations. You have to be constructive in your loneliness and learn from your losses. What failed in these relationships? How can you improve what remains? How can you establish relationships in the future that can be healthier?

Taurus: It feels like life is falling apart. It, naturally, is creating tension with family, friends and the future. Caught in the middle of different oppositions, you find yourself aimless. Know you are doing everything you can. Rely on the people that aren’t creating tension — although they are few and far between, they are still there. Let go of others’ expectations, too. The only way to survive is to live unapologetically.

Gemini: Your mind is moving constantly. As much as your thoughts race, you find it difficult to express any of what you think and feel. Communication feels stunted and you’re caught in ruminations and fears. You’re doing your best to externalize it in your career and make yourself productive, but you need to let yourself be human, too. If you can’t speak, then write out what you think. Turn disorganization into goals and plans. Illustrate your mind until you can put the puzzle pieces together and find something beautiful.

Cancer: You are thinking about the legacy you will lead. You are trying to sort out your future and get your priorities in check. You are thinking about life in its grand scheme. Does it terrify you? If so, how can you forge a path that makes that terror quieter? How can you craft a stronger sense of self instead of one weakened by the future? You do not have to be destabilized by the enormity in front of you. Control what you can as you embrace what you cannot.

Leo: A powerful rebirth brewing inside of you is showing on your sleeve. Your heart is heavy with doubts, hopes and fears. You’re able to confide in others, but it feels more like reliance instead of support. All of your insecurities are coming to the surface and you feel an unbearable rawness. The image that you show to the world is an admirable one, regardless of how vulnerable or impenetrable it is. For now, focus on your own wellbeing without depending on others.

Virgo: Your routine is crumbling and the foundation of your life has become shaky. Chaos and instability are forcing you into a state of isolation. Is this isolation self-care or self-destruction? You are so exhausted, and no one can blame you for that. But abandoning your life will not fix it. While now is the time for self-preservation, it is also the time for cherishing the connections that you have. You cannot heal alone, as much as you wish you could. That is not a weakness.

Libra: Your sense of practicality is seeming to dim. You’re caught in your head and in your dreams more. You’re lucky, because this is exactly what you need. Dreaminess can be a wonderful thing. It can open you to connections you would not have had otherwise, or it can bring a sense of pride you seldom embrace. You’re relishing your free time and focusing most on what makes you feel at home. This is exactly what you need. You deserve to have real, true fun. 

Scorpio: Strain and tension within your family is weighing you down and occupying your every thought. It’s taking you away from what fulfills you. A deep love for your family naturally draws you away from other responsibilities, and it’s okay to be distracted as you tend to these matters. But, know that you must strike a balance. Use a creative outlet to find catharsis. Release control. Let your heart break and be the one to patch it up.

Sagittarius: What needs to fundamentally change in the way you think? While it is an overwhelming question, it is the one that will be on your mind most in the coming months. You are actively hindering and hurting yourself through the negative thought patterns you’ve fallen into. Changing this is a long, arduous effort, but you are not running out of time. 

Capricorn: Although it feels like control is slipping and your mind is taking you places you don’t want to be, this is an opportunity for growth. You feel insecure and unsteady, plagued by the past and the safety it once brought you. That past is gone. Let yourself know that that’s okay. The future is abundant and bright. The challenges you’re facing are testing how determined you are in your commitment to your wellbeing. You do not have to cling onto old comforts. You, yourself, are there to replace them.

Aquarius: After this period, you will not be the person you once were. Although you are in agony, you are realizing that a state of stagnancy put you there. How you live now is not sustainable. It is time for you to shed your skin and become something new. The discomfort you know now is not what you’re meant to survive on. Let yourself lean on others. Sometimes, they see what’s best for you before you do. Trust that the life you’re walking into is better, even if it doesn’t feel like it at first.

Pisces: It is time to face the past. It is time to make something good out of something that hurt. You are becoming more intimate with yourself than ever before, and as painful as it sometimes is, the healing that will come from it will change your life. Dwell in the mirror of your psyche to create an image that you feel less ashamed of. Learn to love what you once hated and trust that you will come out so much better for it on the other side. 

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