Horoscopes for the second week of April.
Horoscopes for the second week of April.

Aries: You are content, open-minded, positive and free. Your happiness touches everyone close to you and it’s clear that you’re in a really good position, mentally and emotionally. You radiate confidence, kindness and approachability. This could be thanks to someone specific in your life, someone energetic, charismatic, talkative and clever. Your relationship with this person has developed fantastically, and the warmth you exude is largely attributed to their presence. Many more beautiful days with this cherished soul lie ahead.

Taurus: You’re trying to run from an inevitable change that must occur, and understandably so; change is intimidating, and its results can be unpredictable. But running from change does not stop its arrival and the longer you avoid it, the more difficult it will be to embrace it. This change may bring conflict relating to issues with communication, but it’s the energy that you’re putting into running away that needs to be brought to this potential dispute. Remember that change is omnipresent. You’ve faced it countless times and always come out the other side.  

Gemini: You are letting a potential or ex-lover get the best of you. The anxiety haunts you especially at night, where you’re rendered helpless against the thoughts of what could’ve been, and whether or not you can trust your intuition or feelings about the relationship between you and this person. Don’t let yourself spiral. Don’t panic about hypothetical scenarios and what-ifs. You must accept what you can’t control. It’s much easier said than done, but all you can do is do what you can, and let the universe take the wheel. 

Cancer: Congratulations! You’re finally taking control of your life. Spring break was a wake-up call, and you’re realizing that planning your future is more fun and exciting than dreadful and scary. You’re beginning to see all that potentially lies ahead in your life and understanding how the work you’re doing now can get you there. Your dreams are coming into view, and a breakthrough is on the horizon. Keep working and keep planning. Apply for positions, research internships and watch as opportunities come your way.

Leo: It feels like you’ve been doing a lot of fighting. Whether the conflicts are with other people or internal, it seems like something is always at odds and leaves you devoting so much energy into these issues just for more to pop up. These problems may be exacerbated by someone in your life that’s been unusually possessive or materialistic. Your close relationship with this person has been affected by their behavior, and addressing it may lead to its restoration and end of any current or future quarrels.

Virgo: Despite just coming off of break, you’re already slammed with work and it’s quite literally weighing down on you. Now being in the last full month of the semester, you can see the finish line and it’s keeping you organized for a strong end. Your studies will pay off. Your work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Determination burns inside you like a fire and it’s not going out until every last assignment or exam is done. Your workload will lighten up soon, just know you’re so close to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Libra: You’ve been keeping a level head lately. You’re tired of logic and emotion constantly clashing and trying to overpower each other, so you’ve taken the steps necessary to balance them out, allowing you to make the best decisions and efficiently handle all kinds of situations. This shift in yourself is bringing about a period of self-evaluation, and to ensure that you keep yourself balanced, you must keep a close eye on your actions and reactions. Keep enacting small changes that go a long way in self-growth. Make adjustments as necessary. 

Scorpio: You have been isolating. For whatever reason, you have taken a significant step back from others and have retreated into yourself. You’re searching for something inside yourself, something you’re not sure you’ll ever find. But you will. Do not let your recent reclusive nature be for nothing. You know where you have to dig to find the answer you’re looking for. It may be unpleasant and emotional, but this breakthrough is needed to usher in your return to socialization. You will come back feeling stronger, and excited to move away from your solitude.

Sagittarius: A conflict among people close to you in your life has left you distracted and concerned. You’re looking in from the outside, but it may be time for you to step in and help the parties come to some sort of agreement. You know where your heart lies in this conflict, and you may discover some things currently unbeknownst to you. Trust in yourself and your ability to mediate. This situation will be resolved through time, patience and communication. Just speak your truth and go from there. 

Capricorn: You feel like you’re starting anew. Life has a freshness to it that has you appreciating even the most mundane. Something new and ripe with discovery is occupying your days and your mind. Explore this pristine part of your life with a whimsical, creative and optimistic attitude. There is much to be happy about, and this fresh chapter will bring a wonderful period of stability, security and opportunities that you’ll be eager to delve into.

Aquarius: Relax a little. You’ve been quite frank, and maybe even a bit too rational lately. There’s nothing wrong with loosening your grip on the reigns of life. You will never be able to control everything. Your recent stern and serious attitude will break, however. Something celestial and oozing with promise will dip into your soul and shock you to your core. Challenges of the past have built these walls of objectivity, and you must let them fall. Let yourself feel. Let yourself revel. Be hopeful and believe that even in your most uncertain moment that the universe has a plan for you.

Pisces: War is over. The worst has come to pass, and you’ve made it out the other side. You have grown, healed, learned and released yourself from the pain. Now, you have deservedly earned your peace. Your wishes are coming to fruition, and you feel emotionally satisfied for the first time in a very long time. Be proud of yourself. You pulled yourself out from one of your lowest points, and now your dreams that you nearly gave up on are coming true. Focus on the current moment, and soak in all of your hard-earned success.