Mercury enters Capricorn, the sign of pragmatism and restriction, on Dec. 1. Photo Courtesy of Vogue India.

Aries: You’re done thinking about the superficial. You want passion and intensity. This can be exactly what you need, but you have to be responsible. You can’t fall into self-destruction in search of something real. The peace of stability can be a form of intensity too. Indulge your impulses without being reckless. Understand the consequences of your actions and act accordingly, whatever that may mean.

Taurus: An overwhelming dread is interfering with your ability to survive. Days are getting harder and harder, feelings getting more and more oppressive. It’s impossible to hide those feelings, but your calls for help seem like they’re falling on deaf ears. You’re trying to connect with people around you. You’re trying to remain focused on the future and on more intellectual ideas that have sustained you in the past, but this isn’t what you need right now. Pain needs to be tended to, not distracted from. As difficult as it is, explore what scares you.

Gemini: You’re extremely intuitive, teetering on paranoid, as you suspect hidden intentions and secret motives. These can be important to anticipate, but equally important to question and confront. Your relationships are your focus right now and you feel a more even commitment, which is a relief, but use your intuition to your advantage in these companionships instead of to your detriment. Be endlessly inquisitive and embrace plans for the future. Make sure you value empathy as much as logic.

Cancer: Things seem to be getting better. You feel in tune with everyone around you and at peace with it all. You’re creating new routines and focusing on your health above all else. This stability is wonderful and much appreciated. However, don’t become too defensive over this. Let life happen. Love what you have now without trying to control the future. Keep open lines of communication and let people express themselves authentically without projecting yourself onto them. You only know what’s best for yourself. Don’t try to do more.

Leo: You’re trying to get your life together and become the fullest, happiest version of yourself. After a difficult period, you’re trying to pull yourself back up and propel yourself forward. What’s most important right now is staying routine-oriented and making sure that you take care of yourself, as you tend to external matters. A huge part of you is tempted to revert and abandon productivity and your goals. This part is nagging at you more than ever, because your motivation to achieve your dreams is stronger than ever. Let that motivation win.

Virgo: Your desires stand contradictory to others’ expectations of you, creating an emotional frustration that won’t let up. Issues are popping up between you and the people closest to you and nothing is being resolved. You, exhausted from a period of discontent, are trying to narrow your focus on finding happiness and enjoyment in everything. But, others aren’t used to this version of you. All of your responsibilities and roles remain forced on you. Don’t fuel the fire of conflict, but don’t abandon your needs either.

Libra: The things you want all seem impossible, pointless to even try to accomplish. Your daily life feels destabilized by the feeling. You want to create a space that is comforting and feels like a good home, but it feels like every obstacle is preventing you from that. You feel out of control, but you can find control within yourself. Being able to sit with yourself and examine your mind, even when it feels chaotic, is necessary. You’ve had a home inside of you all along.

Scorpio: You’re trying to reassert your power amidst so much struggle. Devastatingly, you’re feeling even more powerless in this pursuit. In attempts to solve conflict, you’re only breeding it. As impossible as it seems, you need to give up on power. Peace is enough. Finding comfort in those that make you feel loved is enough. You don’t need to prove yourself. How can you strengthen your self-image so that you don’t need to keep up this fight? How can power become intrinsic instead of a battle?

Sagittarius: It’s your time to shine. You are inspired by yourself and your capabilities right now. You’re seeing your potential and your worth and taking full advantage of it. You are repairing your self-esteem after it has been broken. You’re finding love within yourself instead of within others. You’re learning to break bad habits and you’re learning to be proud. In short, you’re moving on from your hurt. Congratulations. Let it all wash over you.

Capricorn: You’re caught in a push-pull between the past and the future. You’re much better able to focus on your goals and to implement them than before, but there are still things haunting you. You need to achieve a balance between what nags at you and what invigorates you. It is hopeless to ignore the past and it is equally as hopeless to live in it. Equalize your inward and outward focus in order to get closer to the life you want.

Aquarius: You’re remembering to prioritize people instead of mere things. This is one of the parts of yourself that you hold dearest, yet you’ve found recently that you’re straying from it. Too many unimportant distractions are blocking your path. Remember the beautiful depth and love found in centering other human beings. When you emphasize your connection with others, you also emphasize yourself. Come home to yourself through inviting loved ones into your heart.

Pisces: Now is a perfect time to take advantage of your social surroundings in order to advance your future, not hinder it. You might find yourself using people without realizing, or being overly controlling to fulfill your own interest. This is important to be aware of so that you can stop. We are a social species that is meant to benefit from each other, not sap from each other. Use your connections to fulfill a mutual dream. Try to see people for who they are, not who you want them to be.

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