What does the New Moon in Scorpio hold for you? Photo courtesy of space.com

Aries: You’re dealing with a deep trauma that you haven’t fully processed yet. The harm that has been done has left you disassociated from yourself and your world. Everything in you wants to isolate yourself, but as difficult as it is, interacting with your life is what’s best for you at this point. Reacclimating with existence will be the only thing that allows you to move beyond what has happened. You have to balance sitting with the pain and looking beyond it, as hard as that is.

Taurus: Your relationships are taking unpredictable turns. On one hand, it provides a good distraction, but do not let it obstruct reality. You know that your future is up in the air right now. Make sure that you can confide in people you trust. Even more important than that, you need to hold onto hope. Hope is more restorative than you realize. Be steadfast in your faith.

Gemini: Take a deep breath. Your mind is heavy and too concerned with all of the things that terrify you. Your biggest doubts are hindering your sense of self and your mind. Your brain feels scattered and you’re looking in the wrong places and the wrong people to try to sort it out. Remember what you love and what you’re capable of. Don’t let your dreams feel unachievable. Your ego cannot interfere with your future.

Cancer: Your friendships and relationships are lighting up your life right now. You’re realizing you never have to feel alone or unloved, no matter what. This realization is massive, so let yourself be transformed. Don’t let it be fleeting. Try to let go of your anxieties and take solace in a hopeful future. You are allowed to think big and be optimistic. You deserve that peace. It’s always possible to come out clean.

Leo: It feels like there’s a screen preventing you from accessing your emotional state. What you thought you understood suddenly feels mystifying. This is reflected in other people, too. All of it leaves you feeling powerless. It is vital that you re-examine your ideas of power and fight through the opaqueness of your mind. Make it your duty to find power within yourself, your emotions and your comfort. You have not lost.

Virgo: You are making your needs your priority, unafraid to insist upon them, and this is a wonderful thing. Your assertiveness is your lifeline. You are in fierce pursuit of freedom and you are determined in your resolve. You deserve something more than what you have. In independence, is revelation. As such, when others let you down or when people do not fulfill your fantasies, you have to acknowledge that you need no one but yourself. You are the agent of your own success.

Libra: It’s time to revel in your own beauty. You are a wonderful, vibrant person who deserves to be celebrated. This is what you have to hold onto as the unpredictable happens and as plans fall through. It’s important to remember that not everything is what it seems. You’re used to being defeated by the unexpected, but good things can surprise you, too. Right now, you have to hold out hope. Remember your worth and enjoy every part of yourself. You will be okay.

Scorpio: You’re self-sabotaging and forcing yourself to hide. What you need most right now is real love and connection. It is the most healing force, even though you never like to admit that. Consumed by the guilt of happiness, you don’t let yourself be loved. For someone who deserves it as much as you do, isn’t that tragic? Learn to embrace yourself and all that you are. You deserve to be celebrated and uplifted. Suffering is not a duty. Don’t put yourself in more pain than you need.

Sagittarius: Your stubbornness is putting you at odds with others and believe it or not, yourself. You’re convinced you’re doing what’s best for yourself, yet everyone around you can see that’s not true. You can’t see past yourself. In searching for self-worth, you are pushing the world away. You have to get outside of yourself. You need to be humble and admit that you are wrong. Everyone else is telling you what’s in your best interest and for once, they’re right. Listen to them. It’s okay to learn instead of teach.

Capricorn: Your heart is on your sleeve and being the person that you are, you are humiliated and ashamed. The good news is that you are so loved and your heart is a beautiful thing to show to the world. Life is giving you a series of both wonderful and horrible surprises. You can’t keep up; it’s hard to think and communication is even harder. To cope through it all, surround yourself with all of the people who will hold your emotions with you.

Aquarius: You’re fighting to believe in your self-worth. You are so consumed by emotion that you no longer feel like yourself. You have worked so hard to love yourself, but now, you wonder if you are worthy of anything at all. Know that all of the goodness that comes into your life is deserved. Remember who your family is and let them remind you who you are. Bountiful things are coming in your future and you must make sure that pursuing them is your priority.

Pisces: You are looking for security in illusion. You’re expressing yourself through fantasy and thus losing touch. You’re diving into your social group and you’re always thinking of the future. You’re using all of this to escape responsibility. You need to own your actions and own your truth. Your sense of self cannot be defined by a dream. It feels utterly unnatural, but you need to seek reality over falsity. It won’t be as hard as it seems. It’s okay for things to change.

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